Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Wednesday Preview

Prediction Record: 53-24

Duke at Indiana- Prediction: Duke by 5

North Carolina State at Iowa- Prediction: Iowa by 3

Minnesota at Maryland- Prediction: Maryland by 11

Oregon at Vanderbilt- Prediction: Vanderbilt by 6

Manhattan at Syracuse- Prediction: Syracuse by 13

UNLV at Oklahoma State- Prediction: Oklahoma State by 4

Marquette at Nebraska- Prediction: Marquette by 2

Davidson at Charlotte- Prediction: Charlotte by 5

Utah State at Utah- Prediction: Utah State by 3

Creighton at DePaul- Prediction: Creighton by 7

Cal-State Fullerton at Kansas State- Prediction: Cal State Fullerton by 6

Georgia Tech at Michigan State- Prediction: Michigan State by 16

Murray State at Tennessee- Prediction: Tennessee by 2


  1. are you planning to update?

  2. sorry, I should have asked if you were planning an update in this millenium?