Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Doron Lamb gets defensive

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. – Jared Sullinger is listed at 6-foot-9 and more than 260 lbs. Doron Lamb is 6-foot-4 and no more than 175 lbs.

However, that did not stop Lamb from shutting down the top-ranked big man better than anyone else has throughout the course of Sullinger’s career.

“After my break, coach picked me up from the airport and told me that we were playing Jared next week,” Lamb said. “And I knew that and I said ‘Let me guard him.’”

Although Lamb’s Oak Hill Academy (Va.) lost in the final minute to Sullinger’s Northland (Oh.) at the Hoop Hall Classic on Saturday, Sullinger scored just three points – much of it do to Lamb’s tremendous defensive effort.

Lamb kept Sullinger on the perimeter and denied him opportunities near the basket.

“I have a rule when I guard someone: no one gets 20 points, or 15,” Lamb said. “If you stay in front of him, he can’t go by me. He can score near the basket, but he can’t go by me. If you keep someone in front of him and someone behind him, he can’t score.”

As the game progressed, Sullinger grew frustrated, although Lamb noticed that the Ohio State-bound forward was upset early in the game.

“I know he was very mad after the first quarter, when he didn’t score,” Lamb said.

Despite Lamb’s best job, Sullinger was able to give Northland an edge in the final moments with free-throws to give them the lead.

On Oak Hill’s final possession, Lamb penetrated and the Warriors were able to get multiple opportunities for a final shot. Unfortunately for Oak Hill, Lamb was unable to finish and Bruce Hornsby’s jump shot rimmed out.

Lamb was clearly upset with the referees’ inconsistency throughout the game.

“The ref didn’t give me a call. He didn’t give me calls all game,” he said. “But Jared got a baby call at the end, I don’t know what happened.”

Known for his offensive prowess and smooth driving ability, Lamb certainly opened some eyes with his defensive effort against Sullinger.

“I’ll guard the best player every game,” he said.

Of course, his performance will likely only increase the scrutiny of his highly-publicized recruitment.

Lamb has taken all five of his official visits, to Oklahoma, Kansas, Kentucky, Connecticut and most recently, Arizona. He is not ready to make a decision, though.

“I’ll make my decision in April, after the NCAA Tournament, when I see where everyone goes,” Lamb said.

Not surprisingly, the five-star New York native wants to play college ball at a school where he and the team have a chance to be successful.

“I want to go to a winning program and a winning coach,” Lamb said. “Somewhere I feel comfortable, where it feels like home.”

When asked, he said that he has been watching his finalists play this season, taking a look at what players at his position are doing in each system.

“I want an up-and-down pace, with a coach that lets his guards go,” said Lamb, who sees himself as a combo guard.

Considering Lamb transferred to a prep school in the middle of nowhere on the border of Virginia and North Carolina, location will not be a huge factor in his eventual decision.

Lamb is just looking for where he fits the best.

“I’ll go to Africa if it’s the best situation for me,” he said, before adding, “That was just a little jokey-joke.”

Despite the loss, it looks like Lamb still got the last laugh.


  1. D. Lamb is the best and Kentucky is very lucky!! He is a great youngman and talent. He can do it all with size,he does what is asked and more,that is crazy!!! NBA keep your eyes open!!!

  2. OSU is out matched in this one. Kentucky Basketball, enough said.

  3. Kentucky Basketball , enough said ?? when is the last time UK has been to a final four, 1998..

    you have to bring a snake like Caliperi and still can't win..