Tuesday, April 26, 2011

D1 Hoops Report Class of 2012 Spring Top 75

By Jeff Borzello and Alex Schwartz

Last week we released the D1 Hoops Report Class of 2011 Top 150 as well as the D1HR Post-Grad Top 40. Now, continuing on with the rankings, it is time to move onto the crop of rising seniors, the class of 2012.

Below you will find the D1 Hoops Report Class of 2012 Spring Top 75, which was compiled by myself, Jeff Borzello of CBSSports.com, and Alex Schwartz of Northstar Basketball. For those who do not know, D1 Hoops Report is the name of the college scouting service run by myself and Schwartz and the rankings reflect the consensus views of D1HR.

It is fitting that centers are the bookends of the rankings, as the theme of the 2012 class has been, and will continue to be, the big men. After just 16 centers were ranked in the D1HR 2011 Top 150, there are just two fewer in the 2012 group below, despite the list being half the size. Add in the 20 power forwards on the list and you have nearly half the list as big men, including 12 of the top 15.

While the crop of point guards is not particularly deep, the 2012 class is quite deep as a whole. From one all the way down to 75, as well as beyond, there are a great deal of quality players and future college standouts in this class. Have a look below at the D1 Hoops Report Class of 2012 Spring Top 75 to see the very best of the bunch at this point in time. Note that the list will be expanded to 100 players before the Live Period in July and then to 150 after July.

Rank. Name, Position, Height, High School (State), College

1. DaJuan Coleman, C, 6'9, Jamesville-DeWitt (NY), uncommitted

2. Shabazz Muhammad, SF, 6'6, Bishop Gorman (NV), uncommitted

3. Andre Drummond, PF, 6'11, St. Thomas More (CT), uncommitted

4. Cameron Ridley, C, 6'10, Fort Bend Bush (TX), Texas

5. Brandon Ashley, PF, 6'8, Bishop O'Dowd (CA), uncommitted

6. Rodney Purvis, SG, 6'4, Upper Room Christian Academy (NC), Louisville

7. Isaiah Austin, C, 7'0, Grace Prep (TX), Baylor

8. Ricardo Ledo, SG, 6'6, Notre Dame Prep (MA), uncommitted

9. Amile Jefferson, PF, 6'7, Friends Central (PA), uncommitted

10. Shaq Goodwin, PF, 6'8, Southwest Dekalb (GA), uncommitted

11. Jarnell Stokes, PF, 6'8, Memphis Central (TN), uncommitted

12. Grant Jerrett, PF, 6'8, La Verne Lutheran (CA), Arizona

13. Kaleb Tarczewski, C, 7'0, St. Mark's (MA), uncommitted

14. Perry Ellis, PF, 6'8, Wichita Heights (KS), uncommitted

15. Hanner Perea, PF, 6'8, La Lumiere (IN), Indiana

16. Archie Goodwin, SG, 6'4, Sylvan Hills (AR), uncommitted

17. Daniel Ochefu, C, 6'10, Westtown School (PA), Villanova

18. D'Vauntes Smith-Rivera, SG, 6'3, North Central (IN), uncommitted

19. Tony Parker, C, 6'9, Miller Grove (GA), uncommitted

20. Rasheed Sulaimon, SG, 6'3, Strake Jesuit (TX), Duke

21. Kyle Anderson, PF, 6'8, St. Anthony's (NJ), uncommitted

22. J-Mychal Reese, PG, 6'1, Bryan (TX), uncommitted

23. Alex Poythress, PF, 6'8, Clarksville Northeast (TN), uncommitted

24. Gary Harris, SG, 6'4, Hamilton Southeastern (IN), uncommitted

25. Ryan Arcidiacono, PG, 6'3, Neshaminy (PA), Villanova

26. Ricardo Gathers, PF, 6'7, Riverside Academy (LA), uncommitted

27. Marcus Smart, SF, 6'4, Marcus (TX), uncommitted

28. Shaquille Cleare, C, 6'9, The Village School (TX), uncommitted

29. LJ Rose, PG, 6'3, Westbury Christian (TX), uncommitted

30. Torian Graham, SG, 6'4, Word of God Christian Academy (NC), uncommitted

31. Savon Goodman, SF, 6'6, Academy of the New Church (PA), Villanova

32. Omar Calhoun, SG, 6'3, Christ the King (NY), uncommitted

33. Justin Anderson, SF, 6'5, Montrose Christian (MD), Maryland

34. Kevin "Yogi" Ferrell, PG, 5'10, Park Tudor School (IN), Indiana

35. Montrezl Harrell, PF, 6'7, North Edgecombe (NC), Virginia Tech

36. Jeremy Hollowell, SF, 6'7, Lawrence Central (IN), Indiana

37. Rosco Allen, SF, 6'8, Bishop Gorman (NV), uncommitted

38. Wannah Bail, SF, 6'8, Lamar Consolidated (TX), uncommitted

39. Xavier Johnson, SF, 6'6, Mater Dei (CA), uncommitted

40. Anrio Adams, SG, 6'3, South Kent (CT), uncommitted

41. Braxton Obgueze, PG, 6'1, United Faith Christian Academy (NC), Florida

42. Arnaud Adala-Moto, SF, 6'6, Episcopal (VA), uncommitted

43. Devonta Pollard, SF, 6'7, Kemper County (MS), uncommitted

44. Willie Cauley, C, 6'11, Olathe Northwest (KS), uncommitted

45. James Robinson, PG, 6'3, DeMatha (MD), uncommitted

46. Marcus Paige, PG, 6'0, Linn-Mar (IA), North Carolina

47. Winston Shepard, SF, 6'8, Findlay Prep (NV), uncommitted

48. Landen Lucas, C, 6'9, Findlay Prep (NV), uncommitted

49. Robert Carter, PF, 6'8, Thomasville (GA), uncommitted

50. Damien Wilson, SF, 6'5, Oak Hill Academy (VA), uncommitted

51. JP Tokoto, SF, 6'6, Menomonee Falls (WI), North Carolina

52. Steven Adams, C, 6'10, Scots College (NZ), Pitt

53. Jerami Grant, SF, 6'7, DeMatha (MD), uncommitted

54. Matt Costello, PF, 6'8, Bay City Western (MI), Michigan State

55. Nino Jackson, PG, 6'0, Ardmore (OK), uncommitted

56. Jordan Tebbutt, SF, 6'5, Horizon Christian School (OR), uncommitted

57. AJ Hammons, C, 6'11, Oak Hill Academy (VA), uncommitted

58. Jordan Adams, SF, 6'5, Oak Hill Academy (VA), uncommitted

59. Jordan Goodman, PF, 6'8, Arlington Country Day (FL), Rutgers

60. Joell James, C, 6'10, Dwyer (FL), uncommitted

61. TJ Warren, SF, 6'7, Word of God Christian Academy (NC), uncommitted

62. Peter Jurkin, C, 7'0, United Faith Christian Academy (NC), Indiana

63. Katin Reinhardt, SG, 6'4, Mater Dei (CA), USC

64. Mitch McGary, PF, 6'9, Brewster Academy (NH), uncommitted

65. Tyler Lewis, PG, 5'11, Forsyth Country Day (NC), North Carolina State

66. Negus Webster-Chan, SF, 6'6, Huntington Prep (WV), uncommitted

67. Cinmeon Bowers, PF, 6'7, Rufus King (WI), uncommitted

68. Evan Nolte, SF, 6'7, Milton (GA), Virginia

69. Elijah Macon, PF, 6'8, Marion-Franklin (OH), uncommitted

70. Anthony Bennett, PF, 6'7, Findlay Prep (NV), uncommitted

71. Michael Frazier, SG, 6'4, Plant (FL), Florida

72. DeJuan Marrero, SF, 6'5, Thea Bowman Academy (IN), uncommitted

73. Chris Obekpa, PF, 6'8, Our Savior New American (NY), uncommitted

74. Gabe York, SG, 6'2, Orange Lutheran (CA), uncommitted

75. Sim Bhullar, C, 7'5, Huntington Prep (WV), uncommitted


- Players who will be post-graduates in the class of 2012 are ineligible for this list.

- The most common position on the list is a tie between small forward and power forward with 20 each. There are 14 centers, 12 shooting guards and 9 point guards.

- There are four ranked players who are 6'0 or shorter as well as 11 players who are 6'10 or taller, four of whom are at least 7-footers.

- Based off where the players attend high school, 27 different states and one other country (New Zealand) are represented. Of those 27, there are 17 states with more than one representative.

- The 17 states with more than one player on the list are: Texas (8), North Carolina (7), Indiana (6), California (5), Nevada (5), Georgia (4), Pennsylvania (4), Virginia (4), Florida (3), Maryland (3), New York (3), Connecticut (2), Kansas (2), Massachusetts (2), Tennessee (2), Wisconsin (2), and West Virginia (2).

- There are eight high schools (in six different states) that have more than one ranked player, two of which has three on the list. The high schools—with two each, unless otherwise noted—are: Findlay Prep (NV) with 3, Oak Hill Academy (VA) with 3, Bishop Gorman (NV), DeMatha (MD), Huntington Prep (WV), Mater Dei (CA), United Faith Christian Academy (NC), and Word of God Christian Academy (NC).

- Over two-thirds of the list, 51 players, are still uncommitted. The other 24 players have pledged to 17 different colleges, but just four of them have commitments from more than one ranked player. Those four schools are: Indiana (4), Villanova (3), Florida (2), and North Carolina (2).

- All six BCS conferences have at least two players on the list committed to a member school, while no conference outside of those six has even one player on the list.

- The following is a breakdown by conference of where the 25 committed players are committed. The numbers in parenthesis represent, respectively, the number of total players, the number of teams adding a player, and the number of teams adding more than one player: ACC (7, 6, 1), Big East (6, 4, 1), Big Ten (5, 2, 1), Big 12 (2, 2, 0), Pac-10 (2, 2, 0), and SEC (2, 1, 1).

Friday, April 22, 2011

D1 Hoops Report Post-Grad Top 40

By Jeff Borzello and Alex Schwartz

After releasing the D1 Hoops Report Class of 2011 Top 150 earlier in the week, it is now time to rank some other 2011 players who were ineligible for that list.

Below you will find the D1 Hoops Report 2011 Post-Grad Top 40, which was compiled by myself, Jeff Borzello of CBSSports.com, and Alex Schwartz of Northstar Basketball. For those who do not know, D1 Hoops Report is the name of the college scouting service run by myself and Schwartz and the rankings reflect the consensus views of D1HR.

As was mentioned in the introduction to the D1HR Top 150, in order for a fifth-year player to be ranked, he must have reclassified prior to his fourth year of high school. So, what to do with the 2011 prospects in their fifth year who do not fit the bill? We have deemed those players to be post-grads and they are being ranked separately, with the top 40 found below.

While we are tweaking the meaning of a post-grad a bit and not using the literal definition, we feel this is the most fair way to do it for all involved. Rather than having a player ranked with two separate classes, he will be ranked with the class that he was planning to matriculate to college with at the time he started his fourth year of college.

It can be quite difficult to determine if a player is technically a post-graduate or a fifth-year senior academically and this method removes the question marks. Thus, a player such as fifth-year DeAndre Daniels is ranked in the D1HR Top 150 because he was planning to be in the class of 2011 before starting his fourth year of high school. Meanwhile, Jaylen Bond is going to take a post-grad year, but is ranked in the D1HR Top 150 because he planned to be 2011 at the start of his fourth year. Bond will then be eligible for the Post-Grad list next year, not the Top 150.

A player such as Myles Davis opted to reclassify to 2012 before his fourth year and will thus be considered a 2012 prospect, unlike Bond. We are differentiating between fifth-year players and post-grads in more of a basketball standpoint than from a basketball standpoint, as the list below will be those who opted for the fifth year later on. Even if a player, DeAndre Daniels for example, is technically a post-grad if he decided to be a 2011 prospect prior to his fourth year of high school, he was eligible for the D1HR Top 150 and not this list.

Hopefully this is clear to all the readers. Think of it as a "basketball post-grad" rather than in the literal sense. Also note that players such as Kadeem Jack who enrolled in college for the spring semester and then redshirted are eligible for the list. However, if a player (i.e. Phil Taylor) enrolled midseason and then played, he is not eligible.

Anyway, without any more explanation, check out the D1 Hoops Report Post-Grad Top 40.

Rank. Name, Position, Height, High School (State), College

1. Todd Mayo, SG, 6'3, Notre Dame Prep (MA), Marquette

2. Kadeem Jack, PF, 6'8, CJEOTO Academy (NJ), Rutgers

3. Markus Kennedy, PF, 6'10, Brewster Academy (NH), Villanova

4. Durand Johnson, SF, 6'6, Brewster Acadeny (NH), Pitt

5. Ge'lawn Guyn, SG, 6'3, South Kent (CT), Cincinnati

6. Eli Carter, PG, 6'1, Brewster Academy (NH), Rutgers

7. George Matthews, SF, 6'6, Westwind Prep (AZ), Utah

8. Martin Breunig, PF, 6'9, St. John's Northwestern Military Academy (WI), Maryland

9. Walter Pitchford, PF, 6'9, Summit Christian Academy (MI), Florida

10. Donnie Hale, PF, 6'8, Bridgton Academy (ME), Purdue

11. Nemanja Djurisic, PF, 6'8, South Kent (CT), Georgia

12. Papa Samba Ndao, PF, 6'8, Montverde Academy (FL), St. Joseph's

13. Brandon Mobley, PF, 6'9, St. John's Northwestern Military Academy (WI), Seton Hall

14. Ryan Martin, PF, 6'7, Bridgton Academy (ME), uncommitted

15. Damion Lee, SF, 6'4, St. Thomas More (CT), Drexel

16. Will Davis, PF, 6'8, New Hampton (NH), uncommitted

17. Dante Holmes, SG, 6'3, Oldsmar Christian (FL), uncommitted

18. Jackson Aldridge, PG, 6'1, Australian Institute of Sport (AUS), Butler

19. Donte Thomas, SG, 6'4, Princeton Day Academy (MD), uncommitted

20. Adam Jones, PF, 6'7, St. Thomas More (CT), Fairfield

21. KC Whitaker, SG, 6'5, Fishburne Military Academy (VA), UAB

22. Jamir Hanner, PF, 6'8, Notre Damre Prep (MA), Marshall

23. Dylan Sherwood, PF, 6'8, Hun School (NJ), UNC-Wilmington

24. Shaq Duncan, PF, 6'8, The Robinson School (NJ), Morgan State

25. Tavon Allen, SF, 6'7, Worcester Academy (MA), Drexel

26. Ryan Rhoomes, PF, 6'8, NIA Prep (NJ), TCU

27. Khristian Smith, SG, 6'5, Maine Central Institute (ME), Indiana State

28. Briante Weber, SG, 6'2, Fork Union Military Academy (VA), VCU

29. Montray Clemons, PF, 6'8, Evelyn Mack Academy (NC), DePaul

30. Jeff Short, SG, 6'4, Notre Dame Prep (MA), Fordham

31. Danny Lawhorn, PG, 5'10, The Robinson School (NJ), UMES

32. Josh Turner, SG, 6'5, Southern Carolina Prep Academy (NC), uncommitted

33. Devon McMillan, PG, 5'11, Notre Dame Prep (MA), Fordham

34. Eugene McCrory, PF, 6'8, CJEOTO Academy (NJ), Wagner

35. Daniel Franca, C, 6'8, Bridgton Academy (ME), uncommitted

36. Dylan Setzekorn, SF, 6'5, Hun School (NJ), The Citadel

37. JaKarri McCallop, PF, 6'7, The Robinson School (NJ), Morgan State

38. Adrian Rodgers, SG, 6'3, Maine Central Institute (ME), USC-Upstate

39. Alex Davis, PF, 6'9, Southern Carolina Prep Academy (NC), uncommitted

40. Omari Grier, SG, 6'3, Maine Central Institute (ME), Florida Atlantic


- The top six players in the D1HR PG Top 40 rankings would likely have been ranked between #110 and #150 in the D1HR 2011 Top 150.

- The most common position in the D1HR PG Top 40 is power forward, with 19. There are 11 shooting guards on the list, 5 small forwards, 4 point guards, and just 1 center.

- There are no 7-footers on the list and just one player who is 6'10. There are two ranked players under 6'0.

- Eleven prep schools have multiple players on the list. The schools—with two each, unless otherwise noted—are: Notre Dame Prep (MA) with 4, Brewster Academy (NH) with 3, Bridgton Academy (ME) with 3, Maine Central Institute (ME) with 3, The Robinson School (NJ) with 3, CJEOTO Academy (NJ), South Kent (CT), Southern Carolina Prep Academy (NC), St. John's Northwestern Military Academy (WI), and St. Thomas More (CT).

- There are seven uncommitted players on the list and the other 33 players are going to 29 different college. Just four colleges (Drexel, Fordham, Morgan State, and Rutgers) have commitments from multiple players on the list, each with two.

- There are 17 different conferences represented by committed players in the D1HR PG Top 40. Just six of them will welcome more than one player from the list, while the other 11 have one each. Those 11 conferences are as follows: ACC, Atlantic Sun, Big Ten, Horizon League, MAAC, Missouri Valley, Mountain West, NEC, Pac-12, Sun Belt, and SoCon. Note that Utah is being considered a member of the Pac-12.

- The following is a list of the six conferences adding multiple ranked players. The numbers in parenthesis represent, respectively, the number of total players, the number of teams adding a player, and the number of teams adding more than one player: Big East (8, 7, 1), CAA (4, 3, 1), Atlantic-10 (3, 2, 1), MEAC (3, 2, 1), C-USA (2, 2, 0), and SEC (2, 2, 0).

- There are 19 players in the D1HR PG Top 40 who attend prep school in New England (6 in ME, 5 in MA, 4 in CT, 4 in NH). There are 8 players on the list who go to prep school in New Jersey, the most of any state. Besides the New England states and New Jersey, no other state has more than two kids at its prep schools.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

D1 Hoops Report Final Top 150

By Jeff Borzello and Alex Schwartz

The 2011 McDonald's All-American Game and Jordan Brand Classic are both in the books and the AAU spring circuit is in full swing. That means the senior class is moving on to the college level and it is time to release the final rankings of this year's crop, the class of 2011.

Below you will find the D1 Hoops Report Class of 2011 Top 150, which was compiled by myself, Jeff Borzello of CBSSports.com, and Alex Schwartz of Northstar Basketball. For those who do not know, D1 Hoops Report is the name of the college scouting service run by myself and Schwartz and the rankings reflect the consensus views of D1HR.

Note that in order for a fifth-year player to be ranked, he must have reclassified prior to his fourth year of high school. A more detailed explanation can be found at the bottom of the post.

The class of 2011 lacks depth and quality big men, but the players at the top of the list are fantastic. The 2011 class was an overall solid crop of players and it was tough to determine the rankings from top to bottom. We ultimately settled on Michael Gilchrist, a 6'7 Kentucky-bound small forward from St. Patrick's (NJ), as the #1 player in the nation. Still just 17 years old, Gilchrist was ranked number one to start high school and that is how he will end it.

Although we went with Gilchrist in the top spot, Kentucky-bound power forward Anthony Davis and Duke-bound shooting guard Austin Rivers were not far behind. Rounding out the top five are Brad Beal, a shooting guard who is headed to Florida, and small forward Quincy Miller, a Baylor-signee. You will have to read on to see the rest of the D1 Hoops Report Class of 2011 Top 150, all the way down to Wisconsin-bound center Frank Kaminsky in the final spot.

Without further ado, have a look at the D1 Hoops Report Class of 2011 Top 150.

Rank. Name, Position, Height, High School (State), College

1. Michael Gilchrist, SF, 6'7, St. Patrick's (NJ), Kentucky- the wire-to-wire #1 can do it all and has a non-stop motor

2. Anthony Davis, PF, 6'10, Perspectives Charter (IL), Kentucky- meteoric rise for the long, skilled Chicago native

3. Austin Rivers, SG, 6'4, Winter Park (FL), Duke- elite scorer with lethal first step is tough to stop and can get hot in a hurry

4. Brad Beal, SG, 6'3, Chaminade (MO), Florida- silky smooth guard can score in a variety of ways, including the 3-ball

5. Quincy Miller, SF, 6'9, Westchester Country Day (NC), Baylor- long and versatile forward is a matchup nightmare

6. Adonis Thomas, SF, 6'6, Melrose (TN), Memphis- athletic and strong, he defends and competes at a high level

7. Marquis Teague, PG, 6'2, Pike (IN), Kentucky- floor general with outstanding quickness to the bucket

8. LeBryan Nash, SF, 6'7, Lincoln (TX), Oklahoma State- a big-time athlete who can score around the cup with ease

9. Khem Birch, PF, 6'9, Notre Dame Prep (MA), Pitt- long and athletic shot blocker with quickly developing offensive game

10. James McAdoo, PF, 6'8, Norfolk Christian (VA), North Carolina- he can step out and shoot or score in the paint

11. Myck Kabongo, PG, 6'2, Findlay Prep (NV), Texas- great handle, outstanding quickness and quality floor vision

12. Jabari Brown, SG, 6'4, Oakland (CA), Oregon- deadly 3-point shooter is also a fantastic athlete who can score at the rim

13. Wayne Blackshear, SG, 6'5, Morgan Park (IL), Louisville- wing can put the ball in the hoop from just about anywhere

14. BJ Young, PG, 6'3, McCluer North (MO), Arkansas- playmaker has uncanny knack for scoring the basketball

15. Kyle Wiltjer, PF, 6'9, Jesuit (OR), Kentucky- versatile big man has nice post moves, but can also score it from deep

16. Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, SG, 6'6, Greenville (GA), Georgia- sharpshooter from beyond the arc has deep range

17. Dorian Finney-Smith, SF, 6'7, IC Norcom (VA), Virginia Tech- scores inside and out, plus defends multiple positions

18. DeAndre Daniels, SF, 6'7, IMG Academy (FL), uncommitted- long and athletic California native scores at multiple levels

19. Nick Johnson, SG, 6'3, Findlay Prep (NV), Arizona- fantastic athlete with nice 3-point stroke is also a lockdown defender

20. Adjehi Baru, PF, 6'9, Steward School (VA), College of Charleston- strong, active big man rebounds and blocks shots

21. Quinn Cook, PG, 6'1, Oak Hill Academy (VA), Duke- he can create for teammates as well as score it himself

22. Michael Gbinije, SF, 6'6, Benedictine (VA), Duke- the long wing is one of the best midrange scorers in the country

23. Tony Wroten, Jr., PG, 6'4, Garfield (WA), Washington- lead guard has elite floor vision and tremendous passing ability

24. Branden Dawson, SF, 6'6, Lew Wallace (IN), Michigan State- strong, athletic forward is a terrific rebounder

25. Shannon Scott, PG, 6'2, Milton (GA), Ohio State- pure point guard runs the show and has a great feel for the game

26. JaKarr Sampson, SF, 6'7, Brewster Academy (NH), St. John's- matchup nightmare with length is extremely versatile

27. Josiah Turner, PG, 6'3, Quality Education Academy (NC), Arizona- scorer and playmaker with good size and length

28. Otto Porter, SF, 6'8, Scott County Central (MO), Georgetown- long, skilled forward with a great midrange game

29. PJ Hairston, SG, 6'4, Hargrave Military Academy (VA), North Carolina- terrific 3-point marksman with NBA range

30. Rodney Hood, SF, 6'7, Meridian (MS), Mississippi State- long and versatile wing knows how to put the ball in the cup

31. Michael Carter-Williams, SG, 6'5, St. Andrew's (RI), Syracuse- he can fill it up from deep or score off the bounce

32. D'Angelo Harrison, SG, 6'3, Dulles (TX), St. John's- pure scorer with a quick trigger and deep range on his jumper

33. Cody Zeller, PF, 6'10, Washington (IN), Indiana- big man gets the job done by rebounding, scoring and blocking shots

34. Dezmine Wells, SF, 6'4, Hargrave Military Academy (VA), Xavier- strong, athletic wing is productive at both ends

35. Rakeem Christmas, C, 6'9, Academy of the New Church (PA), Syracuse- long post player is a natural shot blocker

36. Chane Behanan, PF, 6'7, Bowling Green (KY), Louisville- what he lacks in height, he makes up for in effort and ability

37. Nick Faust, SG, 6'5, Baltimore City College HS (MD), Maryland- slender wing can really get it going from beyond the arc

38. Dai-Jon Parker, SG, 6'3, Milton (GA), Vanderbilt- terrific perimeter defender with fantastic length and quality athleticism

39. Johnny O'Bryant, PF, 6'9, East Side (MS), LSU- solid presence in the paint who has a knack for rebounding the ball

40. Rashad "Ky" Madden, PG, 6'5, East Poinsett County (AR), Arkansas- smooth guard makes plays and runs an offense

41. Levi Randolph, SG, 6'5, Bob Jones (AL), Alabama- quiet assassin on the wing who simply finds ways to produce

42. Amir Williams, C, 6'10, Detroit Country Day School (MI), Ohio State- strong presence in the paint is great on the glass

43. Deuce Bello, SG, 6'3, Westchester Country Day (NC), Baylor- high-flying athlete has greatly developed overall game

44. Trevor Lacey, SG, 6'2, Butler (AL), uncommitted- although undersized, he is strong and a top-flight backcourt scorer

45. Hunter Mickelson, PF, 6'10, Westside (AR), Arkansas- he runs the floor, rebounds, blocks shots, and scores down low

46. Ben McLemore, SF, 6'5, Christian Life Center (TX), Kansas- terrific, high-flying athlete can also score from midrange

47. Sir'Dominic Pointer, SF, 6'6, Quality Education Academy (NC), St. John's- athletic Michigander is a superb defender

48. Tracy Abrams, PG, 6'1, Mount Carmel (IL), Illinois- guard who knows how to attack the basket and score the ball

49. Sheldon McClellan, SG, 6'5, Bellaire (TX), Texas- a productive wing who plays hard at both ends of the floor

50. Maurice Harkless, SF, 6'8, South Kent (CT), St. John's- the long, athletic wing continues to improve his overall game

51. Jahii Carson, PG, 5'11, Mesa (AZ), Arizona State- undersized lead guard is an explosive athlete and excellent scorer

52. Chasson Randle, PG, 6'2, Rock Island (IL), Stanford- strong, heady floor general with a great basketball IQ

53. Tyrone Johnson, PG, 6'2, Montrose Christian (MD), Villanova- athletic guard scores multiple ways and also distributes

54. Ryan Boatright, PG, 5'10, Aurora East (IL), UConn- outstanding scorer is undersized, but crafty and quick with the ball

55. Michael Chandler, C, 6'10, Lawrence North (IN), Central Florida- a big body who scores, rebounds and block shots

56. Jamal Branch, PG, 6'2, Grace Prep (TX), Texas A&M- talented lead guard with a quality handle and scoring ability

57. Zach Price, C, 6'10, Jeffersontown (KY), Louisville- pure post player who grabs rebounds and scores around the cup

58. Sam Thompson, SF, 6'6, Whitney Young (IL), Ohio State- wing who possesses excellent athleticism and superb length

59. Norvel Pelle, PF, 6'9, Price (CA), St. John's- big man is still developing, but he is long, rebounds and blocks shots

60. Damien Leonard, SG, 6'4, JL Mann (SC), South Carolina- Palmetto State wing is a sharpshooter from beyond the arc

61. Mycheal Henry, SF, 6'6, Orr Academy (IL), Illinois- growing into one America's top scorers, he is long and explosive

62. Mikael Hopkins, PF, 6'8, DeMatha (MD), Georgetown- a solid athlete in the frontcourt who can step out and shoot it

63. Julian Royal, PF, 6'8, Milton (GA), Georgia Tech- well-rounded offensively, he can score in the post and from midrange

64. Kevin Johnson, C, 6'10, Taft (CA), Seton Hall- huge presence down low, he scores, rebounds and is nimble for his size

65. Deville Smith, PG, 5'11, Callaway (MS), Mississippi State- ultra-quick guard distributes well, but can also score it

66. Amir Garrett, SF, 6'6, Findlay Prep (NV), St. John's- also a baseball star, he is an athletic leaper and superb rebounder

67. Angelo Chol, PF, 6'9, Hoover (CA), Arizona- athletic big defends and rebounds, while continuing to develop offensively

68. Nick Jacobs, PF, 6'8, South Atlanta (GA), Alabama- strong player down low who produces with scoring and rebounding

69. Norman Powell, SG, 6'4, Lincoln (CA), UCLA- a strong and athletic wing who knows how to score the basketball

70. Joseph Uchebo, C, 6'9, Word of God Christian Academy (NC), uncommitted- pure post whose forte is rebounding

71. Tyler Adams, C, 6'9, Brandon (MS), Georgetown- a strong interior presence who is built to rebound the basketball

72. LaQuinton Ross, SF, 6'7, Life Center Academy (NJ), Ohio State- Mississippi native has great length and nice skill set

73. Myles Mack, PG, 5'10, St. Anthony's (NJ), Rutgers- winner who developed as a distributor, but retained scoring ability

74. Bernard Sullivan, PF, 6'8, Davidson Day (NC), Clemson- forward works hard down low, but can step out and shoot it too

75. Antwan Space, SF, 6'7, DeSoto (TX), Florida State- has the potential to be a pro due to his offensive game

76. Sterling Gibbs, PG, 6'1, Seton Hall Prep (NJ), Maryland- he can really score, but also makes those around him better

77. Jerome Seagears, PG, 6'2, Flora MacDonald Academy (NC), Rutgers- physical guard gets to the rim, plays great D

78. Mike Shaw, PF, 6'8, De La Salle (IL), Illinois- Chicago native is a big body who rebounds and can score as well

79. Jabarie Hinds, PG, 5'11, Mount Vernon (NY), West Virginia- quick, athletic floor general can both distribute and score

80. Sidiki Johnson, PF, 6'8, Wadleigh (NY), Arizona- Big Apple forward rebounds and scores down low, but can face-up too

81. Ryan Taylor, SF, 6'5, Western (KY), Louisville- the hard-playing wing will not wow, but he is gets the job done

82. CJ Barksdale, PF, 6'7, Hargrave Military Academy (VA), Virginia Tech- big man is tough around the cup at both ends

83. Robert Brown, SG, 6'4, Hargrave Military Academy (VA), Virginia Tech- Floridian has improved and can really score

84. Jonathan Holmes, PF, 6'8, Antonian Prep (TX), Texas- late blooming big man is effective around the basket

85. Trevor Cooney, SG, 6'3, Sanford School (DE), Syracuse- a sharpshooter with the athletic ability to attack and finish

86. Aaron Ross, PF, 6'7, Parkview (AR), Arkansas- combo forward who can score down low and hit the midrange jumper

87. Greg Lewis, PF, 6'8, St. Frances Academy (MD), Rutgers- sturdy player in the low post does a good job on the glass

88. Gary Bell, SG, 6'1, Kentridge (WA), Gonzaga- he is an effective perimeter shooter who can really fill it up

89. Devonte Abron, PF, 6'7, Seagoville (TX), Arkansas- possessing a nice face-up game, he can score in multiple ways

90. Carlton Brundidge, SG, 6'1, Southfield (MI), Michigan- wired to score the basketball, and can do so in quite a hurry

91. Shane Larkin, PG, 5'11, Dr. Phillips (FL), DePaul- able to score off the bounce, shoot from deep and distribute

92. Jarion Henry, SF, 6'8, Kimball (TX), uncommitted- a mismatch on the wing who can take his defenders inside and out

93. Chris Jones, PG, 5'8, Melrose (TN), Tennessee- diminutive guard has a quick trigger and can heat up quickly

94. Anthony Gill, PF, 6'8, Charlotte Christian (NC), South Carolina- a solid overall player who can put the ball in the basket

95. Trey Burke, PG, 6'1, Northland (OH), Michigan- can get to the cup and finish as well as find the open man for a bucket

96. Naadir Tharpe, PG, 5'11, Brewster Academy (NH), Kansas- true lead guard gets others involved, but can score too

97. Trey McDonald, C, 6'9, Battle Creek Central (MI), Ohio State- late bloomer is a rugged big man with nice upside

98. Cezar Guerrero, PG, 6'0, St. John Bosco (CA), Oklahoma State- flashy playmaker beats defenders off the bounce

99. Kedren Johnson, PG, 6'4, Marshall County (TN), Vanderbilt- with good size for the one, he can score and distribute

100. Patrick Connaughton, SF, 6'5, St. John's Prep (MA), Notre Dame- late-blooming wing has superb shooting range

101. Malcolm Brogdon, SG, 6'5, Greater Atlanta Christian Academy (GA), Virginia- quality shooter has size and strength

102. Aaron Thomas, SG, 6'5, Withrow (OH), Florida State- consistent finisher at the rim is improving perimeter game

103. Kevin Ware, SG, 6'4, Rockdale County (GA), Central Florida- active defender and finisher relies on natural talent

104. Julien Lewis, SG, 6'4, LaMarque (TX), Texas- aggressiveness and attacking mindset make him tough to guard

105. Ryan Anderson, PF, 6'8, Long Beach Poly (CA), Boston College- quite effective when facing up and hitting jumpers

106. Bobby Parks, Jr., SG, 6'4, Philippines, Georgia Tech- outstanding scorer off the bounce who also has deep range

107. Joe Coleman, SG, 6'3, Hopkins (MN), Minnesota- at times, he is seemingly impossible to keep out of the lane

108. Marshall Plumlee, C, 7'0, Christ School (NC), Duke- runs the floor well and is improving his post game

109. Cedrick McAfee, SG, 6'2, Melrose (TN), Auburn- possesses a good first step and the confidence to score

110. Derrick Wilson, PG, 6'1, Hotchkiss School (CT), Marquette- bulldog of a guard uses strength to overpower the D

111. Marquis Rankin, PG, 6'0, Hargrave Military Academy (VA), Virginia Tech- can run an O, use burst to make plays

112. Dwaun Anderson, SG, 6'3, Suttons Bay (MI), Michigan State- extremely athletic sleeper is outstanding in transition

113. Juan Anderson, SF, 6'6, Castro Valley (CA), Marquette- he does a little of everything, and his shot is improving

114. Willy Kouassi, C, 6'10, Central Park Christian (AL), Auburn- still-developing big man can block shots and rebound

115. Deng Leek, C, 6'11, Wesleyan Christian Academy (NC), Western Kentucky- he runs the floor and blocks shots

116. Bishop Daniels, SG, 6'2, Word of God Christian Academy (NC), Miami- athletic guard improved handle, playmaking

117. Derrick Randall, PF, 6'8, South Kent (CT), Rutgers- relentless rebounder outworks opponents on a nightly basis

118. Jacob Lawson, PF, 6'7, Oak Ridge Military Academy (NC), Purdue- athletic prospect is a joy to watch in transition

119. Terry Whisnant, SG, 6'3, Cherryville (NC), Florida State- one of the best long-range shooters in the country

120. Desmond Hubert, C, 6'9, New Egypt (NJ), North Carolina- his length and athleticism make him a force defensively

121. Jaylen Bond, PF, 6'7, Plymouth-Whitemarsh (PA), prep school- hard-worker took game to a new level this season

122. Nnanna Egwu, C, 6'10, St. Ignatius Prep (IL), Illinois- his size and raw talent give him tons of potential

123. Toddrick Gotcher, SG, 6'3, Lakeview Centennial (TX), Texas Tech- athletic shooter can get hot quickly from deep

124. Jeremiah Davis, PG, 6'2, Huntington Prep (WV), Cincinnati- combo guard who can penetrate and create

125. Nino Johnson, PF, 6'7, White Station (TN), Southeast Missouri State- quality scorer at the rim and when facing up

126. Steve Moundou-Missi, PF, 6'6, Montverde Academy (FL), Harvard- undersized, but is tough, scores and rebounds

127. Josh Richardson, SF, 6'5, Edmond Santa Fe (OK), Tennessee- tough to handle due to length and nonstop motor

128. Rod Days, SF, 6'6, Sagemont School (FL), Central Florida- with his athleticism and length, he is best in transition

129. Paul Jesperson, SF, 6'7, Merrill (WI), Virginia- knockdown shooter with deep range and good size for the wing

130. Rodney Cooper, SG, 6'5, Russell County (AL), Alabama- lefty shooter drains it from anywhere and can also defend

131. Achraf Yacoubou, SG, 6'4, Long Island Lutheran (NY), Villanova- plays bigger than his position, scores at the rim

132. Shaq Thomas, SF, 6'7, NIA Prep (NJ), Cincinnati-long and athletic, he has a high ceiling if he puts it all together

133. Andre Hollins, SG, 6'2, White Station (TN), Minnesota- good first step to attack and also has range from deep

134. Marvin Singleton, PF, 6'5, Hopkins (MN), Northern Iowa- motor and strength make up for being undersized

135. Derrick Gordon, SG, 6'3, St. Patrick's (NJ), Western Kentucky- uses his strong frame to get to the cup and score

136. David Rivers, SF, 6'6, Little Rock Hall (AR), Nebraska- long, skilled wing with a smooth game can score it from deep

137. Mychal Ammons, SF, 6'6, Vicksburg (MS), South Alabama- versatile wing can score at the rim or beyond the arc

138. Malcolm Gilbert, C, 6'11, Academy of the New Church (PA), Pitt- terrific shot-blocker is developing offensively

139. Thomas Gipson, PF, 6'7, Cedar Hill (TX), Kansas State- big-bodied post player utilizes his size to score and board

140. Spencer Dinwiddie, PG, 6'2, Taft (CA), Colorado- terrific playmaker can find teammates or get his own shot

141. E. Victor Nickerson, SF, 6'7, Norcross (GA), Charlotte- a wing with versatility at both ends of the floor

142. Traveon Jackson, SG, 6'2, Westerville South (OH), Wisconsin- best when attacking and using strength to finish

143. Daniel Gomis, C, 6'9, Oak Hill Academy (VA), Oregon State- long and athletic, he is an impact defensive player

144. Roosevelt Jones, SF, 6'4, O'Fallon (IL), Butler- powerful wing who is difficult to stop when going to the basket

145. Jonathan Holton, PF, 6'8, Coral Gables (FL), Rhode Island- long, athletic face-up four runs the floor and scores

146. Kevin Thomas, SF, 6'7, Christian Faith Center (NC), Texas- native Canadian has a strong build and good versatility

147. Brandan Kearney, SG, 6'5, Detroit Southeastern (MI), Michigan State- capable of being a top-flight offensive player

148. Adrian Diaz, PF, 6'11, Hialeah-Miami Lakes (FL), Kansas State- still needs to develop, but has tremendous upside

149. Erik Copes, PF, 6'8, Imhotep Charter (PA), George Washington- aggressive big rebounds, produces at both ends

150. Frank Kaminsky, C, 6'10, Benet Academy (IL), Wisconsin- skilled big can step out and shoot or bang down low


- Alex Murphy, a 6'8 small forward from St. Mark's (MA) who is committed to Duke, reclassified back to 2011 after the release of these rankings and is therefore not ranked. Had he been a 2011 prospect--which is how he began high school--at the start of the 2010-11 high school year, he would have been ranked #34 on the list.

- There are 12 new additions to the rankings, including one player (Khem Birch) who was previously ranked in 2012. The 12 additions and their ranks are: #9 Khem Birch, #28 Otto Porter, #84 Jonathan Holmes, #92 Jarion Henry, #113 Juan Anderson, #122 Nnanna Egwu, #135 Derrick Gordon, #138 Malcolm Gilbert, #140 Spencer Dinwiddie, #144 Roosevelt Jones, #146 Kevin Thomas, and #149 Erik Copes.

- Fourteen players rose at least 10 spots from their previous rank: #75 Antwan Space (up 69), #83 Robert Brown (up 48), Sir'Dominic Pointer (up 45), #102 Aaron Thomas (up 34), #119 Terry Whisnant (up 22), #105 Ryan Anderson (up 16), #73 Myles Mack (up 15), #17 Dorian Finney-Smith (up 12), #38 Dai-Jon Parker (up 12), #44 Trevor Lacey (up 12), #25 Shannon Scott (up 11), #50 Maurice Harkless (up 10), #64 Kevin Johnson (up 10), and #79 Jabarie Hinds (up 10).

- The most common position in the D1HR Top 150 is shooting guard, with 39 players. Power forward is second with 35 and small forward is third with 34. There are 30 ranked point guards and just 16 centers on the list.

- Based off where players attend high school, there are 34 states represented on the list. Just eight of them (Arizona, Delaware, Oklahoma, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Wisconsin, and West Virginia) have only one player listed, while the other 26 have multiple representatives.

- The 26 states with multiple representatives listed are: North Carolina (14), Texas (12), Illinois (11), Virginia (11), California (9), Georgia (8), Florida (7), New Jersey (7), Tennessee (6), Michigan (5), Mississippi (5), Alabama (4), Arkansas (4), Indiana (4), Maryland (4), Pennsylvania (4), Connecticut (3), Kentucky (3), Missouri (3), Nevada (3), New York (3), Ohio (3), Massachusetts (2), Minnesota (2), New Hampshire (2), and Washington (2).

- Fifteen high schools placed multiple players on the list, including four that have three or more players ranked. Of those 15, three are in North Carolina, and there are two each from Virginia and Tennessee.

- The high schools--all have two unless otherwise noted--with multiple ranked players are: Hargrave Military Academy (VA) with 5, Findlay Prep (NV) with 3, Melrose (TN) with 3, Milton (GA) with 3, Academy of the New Church (PA), Brewster Academy (NH), Hopkins (MN), Oak Hill Academy (VA), Quality Education Academy (NC), South Kent (CT), St. Patrick's (NJ), Taft (CA), Westchester Country Day (NC), White Station (TN), and Word of God Christian Academy (NC).

- There are 14 players who are 6'10 or taller, but just one is a 7-footer. Ten players are 6'0 or shorter, including three at 5'10 or below.

- Of the 150 players, just four are uncommitted and one other is going to prep school. The other 145 players are heading to 73 different colleges. Of those 73, there are 38 with multiple players on the list, including 18 with three or more.

- The 38 schools with multiple commits on the list are: St. John's (6), Arkansas (5), Ohio State (5), Texas (5), Arizona (4), Duke (4), Illinois (4), Kentucky (4), Louisville (4), Rutgers (4), Virginia Tech (4), Alabama (3), Central Florida (3), Florida State (3),Georgetown (3), Michigan State (3), North Carolina (3), Syracuse (3), Auburn (2), Baylor (2), Cincinnati (2), Georgia Tech (2), Kansas (2), Kansas State (2), Marquette (2), Maryland (2), Michigan (2), Minnesota (2), Mississippi State (2), Oklahoma State (2), Pitt (2), South Carolina (2), Tennessee (2), Vanderbilt (2),Villanova (2), Virginia (2), Western Kentucky (2), and Wisconsin (2).

- There are 15 conferences that will welcome a ranked player to a member school. Six of them (Ivy League, Horizon League, SoCon, West Coast, Missouri Valley, and Ohio Valley) have just one ranked player, while the the other nine have at least three.

- The following is a list of the nine conferences adding multiple ranked players. The numbers in parenthesis represent, respectively, the number of total players, the number of teams adding a player, and the number of teams adding more than one player: Big East (33, 14, 9), SEC (25, 11, 9), ACC (23, 10, 7), Big Ten (21, 9, 6), Big 12 (15, 7, 5), Pac-12 (11, 8, 1), Atlantic-10 (4, 4, 0), C-USA (4, 2, 1), and Sun Belt (3, 2, 1). Note that Nebraska is being considered a member of the Big Ten, while Colorado and Utah are being considered part of the Pac-12.

- Just two schools outside of the six BCS conferences are adding more than one ranked prospect: Central Florida (3) and Western Kentucky (2).

- There were 27 players who fell at least 10 spots from the previous list, including six who dropped more than 20.

- The new additions to the top 25: #9 Khem Birch (was #7 in 2012), #17 Dorian Finney-Smith (was #29) and #25 Shannon Scott (was #36).

- The new additions to the top 50: #28 Otto Porter (was unranked), #44 Trevor Lacey (was #56), #47 Sir'Dominic Pointer (was #92), and #50 Maurice Harkless (was #60).

- Thre new additions to the top 100: #75 Antwan Space (was #144), #83 Robert Brown (was #131), #84 Jonathan Holmes (was unranked), and #92 Jarion Henry (was unranked).

- Once again, note that in order for fifth-year players to be ranked they must have reclassified prior to their fourth year--normal senior year--of high school. For example, a player previously in 2011 who reclassified to 2012 before the high school year (i.e. Myles Davis) will now be considered for the 2012 rankings. Meanwhile, someone who reclassified to 2012 later on (i.e. Jaylen Bond) will not be eligible for the 2012 list and will remain ranked in 2011. This is why players such as Todd Mayo, Eli Carter, Ge'lawn Guyn, Markus Kennedy, Kadeem Jack, and Durand Johnson are inelgible to be ranked in 2011. We will release a ranking of the top post-graduates in the coming days.