Sunday, June 4, 2006

Transfer Updates

Since the season ended, several players from power conferences, as well as some very good mid-major players, have made decisions to transfer to other schools. Here is a list of some of the key ones:

Robert Vaden, Indiana to UAB
DeMarre Carrol, Vanderbilt to Missouri
Zam Frederick, Georgia Tech to South Carolina
Devan Downey, Cincinnati to South Carolina
Louie McCroskey, Syracuse to UNDECIDED
Dior Lowhorn, Texas Tech to San Francisco
Shawn James, Northeastern to Duquense
Mike Williams, Texas to Cincinnati
Eric Boateng, Duke to Arizona State
Jeff Xavier, Manhattan to Providence
Wnyton Witherspoon, Virginia Tech to UNDECIDED
Alex Thompson, Iowa to Iowa State
DeAaron Williams, Wisconsin to Bradley
Marcus Walker, Nebraska to UNDECIDED
B.J. Walker, Nebraska to UNDECIDED
Jesus Verdejo, Arizona to South Florida
Rico Tucker, Minnesota to UNDECIDED
Shawn Taggert, Iowa State to Memphis
Eddie Smith, Texas A&M to UNDECIDED
Rekalin Sims, Kentucky to UNDECIDED
Walter Sharpe, Mississippi State to UNDECIDED
Carlton Reed, Iowa to Northern Iowa
Evan Neisler, Boston College to Drexel
Tim Morris, Stanford to Washington
Sean Morris, Colorado State to UNDECIDED
Montrell McDonald, George Washington to UNDECIDED
Joe McCray, Nebraska to UNDECIDED
Sylvester Mayes, Ohio State to UNDECIDED
Jermaine Maybank, St. John's to UNDECIDED
Cedric Jackson, St. John's to UNDECIDED
Perrin Johnson, Louisville to Bellarmine College
Ivan Johnson, Oregon to UNDECIDED
Abdulai Jalloh, St. Joseph's to UNDECIDED
Bryan Harvey, Louisville to UNDECIDED
Jeremy Fears, Ohio to Bradley
Roderic Flemings, Oklahoma State to North Texas
Mike Evanovich, Iowa State to UNDECIDED
Dion Dowell, Texas to Houston (transferred mid-season)
Micah Downs, Kansas to Gonzaga (transferred mid-season)
Tasheed Carr, Iowa State to St. Joseph's
Dwight Brewington, Providence to Liberty
Josh Akognon, Washington State to Cal-State Fullerton
Ryan Amoroso, Marquette to UNDECIDED
C.J. Anderson, Manhattan to UNDECIDED


  1. David Burgess Transferred from BYU to Gonzaga. Which is interesting considering Gonzaga was one of his top choices coming out of high school.

  2. David Burgess Transferred from BYU to Gonzaga

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