Saturday, November 25, 2006

Saturday, November 25th Predictions

Prediction Record: 75-31

Oklahoma State vs. Missouri State- Prediction: Missouri State 68, Oklahoma State 64
Houston at Saint Louis- Prediction: Saint Louis 71, Houston 67
George Mason at Creighton- Prediction: Creighton 70, George Mason 62
Auburn vs. Wisconsin- Prediction: Wisconsin 72, Auburn 58
Wichita State at LSU- Prediction: LSU 74, Wichita State 69
Kent State at Butler- Prediction: Butler 65, Kent State 57
Illinois vs. Bradley- Prediction: Illinois 73, Bradley 64
California vs. Loyola Marymount- Prediction: Loyola Marymount 77, California 75
Florida vs. Kansas- Prediction: Florida 76, Kansas 69

Click here for my complete preview of the Florida vs. Kansas showdown.


  1. You should do a write up solely on the kansas florida game. That was the most exciting college basketball I have watched in a long time!

  2. It will be included in my "notes and observations" column this week.