Sunday, January 14, 2007

Power Sweet Sixteen Rankings

After an outstanding weekend of basketball, which saw the last unbeaten fall, as well as several teams get upset or go down to the wire with inferior teams, the Power Sweet Sixteen Rankings are back. The debate over rankings and potential seedings is starting to heat up, and why not? The parity this season in college basketball is outstanding. However, how will that affect March Madness All Season's Power Sweet Sixteen Rankings? I will post the rankings every Sunday until I begin to release complete brackets in February.

- Standard bracketing rules apply (no two teams from the same conference in the same half-bracket unless there are more than 8 teams, etc.)
- Numbers in parenthesis next to the team indicate what 1-16 ranking they are

San Antonio Region:
1. Florida (1)
2. Oregon (8)
3. Texas A&M (9)
4. Nevada (15)

San Jose Region:
1. UCLA (2)
2. Ohio State (7)
3. Clemson (12)
4. Oklahoma State (16)

East Rutherford Region:
1. North Carolina (4)
2. Pittsburgh (5)
3. Air Force (11)
4. Butler (13)

St. Louis Region:
1. Wisconsin (3)
2. Kansas (6)
3. Arizona (10)
4. Alabama (14)

17th Team: Duke

Others Considered: Maryland, Notre Dame, Southern Illinois, Memphis, Missouri State, Washington State, Creighton, Tennessee

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  1. Nice list. Mine has Notre Dame and Memphis instead of OK State and Bama.

    Sorry, but right now, Duke as any sort of alternate is a joke. And I went there.