Monday, July 23, 2007

MMAS Update: 500,000th Hit, etc.

It’s been a little slow around here lately, so I just wanted to give everyone an update on what has been going on with March Madness All Season and my other college basketball-related ventures.

First of all, March Madness All Season had its 500,000th hit over the weekend. In about two and a half years, the site has gone from a small independent blog that reached 2,000 hits on a really good day to a one that is associated with College Hoops Net, the internet’s biggest independent college basketball website, and reached over 30,000 hits on the Wednesday before the NCAA Tournament started this past March. Furthermore, March Madness All Season has become widely-read, by die-hard fans, beat writers, and well-known announcers and columnists. Considering I had my 100,000th hit last February, I think that MMAS is making very good progress. A special thanks to everyone who has supported MMAS throughout the time it has been around.

On the personal side, I have picked up a few more writing opportunities in the past couple of weeks. I have been hired as a staff writer for two sites, the Seton Hall one ( and the Wake Forest one ( Moreover, I am now one of the national basketball recruiting writers for a new recruiting website,, which is associated with ESPNU, ESPN Radio, and HoopTV. Check out all three of those sites, as well as and, for all my latest college basketball-related contributions.

The future for March Madness All Season looks exciting. I am in the process of changing the URL to, so it is much easier for all of my loyal readers to access the website. The layout will remain the same, it will just be an easier URL to remember.

As for articles, expect several more stories in the next couple of months—before the extensive 2007-2008 preview begins in mid-September. Here is some of the articles March Madness All Season will have in the coming weeks:

- My Summer Top 25, which will be released next week
- A look back at all the predictions I made over the past year
- Several “Rants and Ramblings” columns with various thoughts I have about the upcoming season and the goings-on of the offseason
- “The Great Leap Forward”, which will document some of the teams expected to make major jumps to the postseason next season
- “Remember Them?” which will discuss the top transfers that had to sit out last season, but will make an immediate impact next year
- I also might do a 2007 version of the “Top Ten College Basketball Cities” in early September. Here is
last year’s version if you want to check it out.

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  1. Congrats, Jeff. Good job, and congrats on the jobs.