Thursday, August 14, 2008


As things tend to be during the summer, posts have slowed down lately here at March Madness All Season. That will change very soon, though.

I recently finished my "Roster Project," which consists of dozens and dozens of pages of spreadsheets detailing every team from the "Big Six" conferences. I also took twenty of the top "non-BCS" teams and did the same for them. It really helps one get prepared for the upcoming season, as it lists every player coming into or leaving a program, as well as every returning player. It provides stats, height/weight, position -- everything I need to get ready for the season. It seems tedious and took a long time, but now that it's done, I can start looking ahead at 2008-2009.

As a result, expect a conference-by-conference glance at the upcoming season in the coming days. It will start tomorrow with the ACC. After that is done, I will also get back to posting recruiting stories that I will be writing for NBE Basketball Report. There's less than 90 days until the season starts...start the countdown.

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