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D1 Hoops Report Post-Grad Top 40

By Jeff Borzello and Alex Schwartz

After releasing the D1 Hoops Report Class of 2011 Top 150 earlier in the week, it is now time to rank some other 2011 players who were ineligible for that list.

Below you will find the D1 Hoops Report 2011 Post-Grad Top 40, which was compiled by myself, Jeff Borzello of, and Alex Schwartz of Northstar Basketball. For those who do not know, D1 Hoops Report is the name of the college scouting service run by myself and Schwartz and the rankings reflect the consensus views of D1HR.

As was mentioned in the introduction to the D1HR Top 150, in order for a fifth-year player to be ranked, he must have reclassified prior to his fourth year of high school. So, what to do with the 2011 prospects in their fifth year who do not fit the bill? We have deemed those players to be post-grads and they are being ranked separately, with the top 40 found below.

While we are tweaking the meaning of a post-grad a bit and not using the literal definition, we feel this is the most fair way to do it for all involved. Rather than having a player ranked with two separate classes, he will be ranked with the class that he was planning to matriculate to college with at the time he started his fourth year of college.

It can be quite difficult to determine if a player is technically a post-graduate or a fifth-year senior academically and this method removes the question marks. Thus, a player such as fifth-year DeAndre Daniels is ranked in the D1HR Top 150 because he was planning to be in the class of 2011 before starting his fourth year of high school. Meanwhile, Jaylen Bond is going to take a post-grad year, but is ranked in the D1HR Top 150 because he planned to be 2011 at the start of his fourth year. Bond will then be eligible for the Post-Grad list next year, not the Top 150.

A player such as Myles Davis opted to reclassify to 2012 before his fourth year and will thus be considered a 2012 prospect, unlike Bond. We are differentiating between fifth-year players and post-grads in more of a basketball standpoint than from a basketball standpoint, as the list below will be those who opted for the fifth year later on. Even if a player, DeAndre Daniels for example, is technically a post-grad if he decided to be a 2011 prospect prior to his fourth year of high school, he was eligible for the D1HR Top 150 and not this list.

Hopefully this is clear to all the readers. Think of it as a "basketball post-grad" rather than in the literal sense. Also note that players such as Kadeem Jack who enrolled in college for the spring semester and then redshirted are eligible for the list. However, if a player (i.e. Phil Taylor) enrolled midseason and then played, he is not eligible.

Anyway, without any more explanation, check out the D1 Hoops Report Post-Grad Top 40.

Rank. Name, Position, Height, High School (State), College

1. Todd Mayo, SG, 6'3, Notre Dame Prep (MA), Marquette

2. Kadeem Jack, PF, 6'8, CJEOTO Academy (NJ), Rutgers

3. Markus Kennedy, PF, 6'10, Brewster Academy (NH), Villanova

4. Durand Johnson, SF, 6'6, Brewster Acadeny (NH), Pitt

5. Ge'lawn Guyn, SG, 6'3, South Kent (CT), Cincinnati

6. Eli Carter, PG, 6'1, Brewster Academy (NH), Rutgers

7. George Matthews, SF, 6'6, Westwind Prep (AZ), Utah

8. Martin Breunig, PF, 6'9, St. John's Northwestern Military Academy (WI), Maryland

9. Walter Pitchford, PF, 6'9, Summit Christian Academy (MI), Florida

10. Donnie Hale, PF, 6'8, Bridgton Academy (ME), Purdue

11. Nemanja Djurisic, PF, 6'8, South Kent (CT), Georgia

12. Papa Samba Ndao, PF, 6'8, Montverde Academy (FL), St. Joseph's

13. Brandon Mobley, PF, 6'9, St. John's Northwestern Military Academy (WI), Seton Hall

14. Ryan Martin, PF, 6'7, Bridgton Academy (ME), uncommitted

15. Damion Lee, SF, 6'4, St. Thomas More (CT), Drexel

16. Will Davis, PF, 6'8, New Hampton (NH), uncommitted

17. Dante Holmes, SG, 6'3, Oldsmar Christian (FL), uncommitted

18. Jackson Aldridge, PG, 6'1, Australian Institute of Sport (AUS), Butler

19. Donte Thomas, SG, 6'4, Princeton Day Academy (MD), uncommitted

20. Adam Jones, PF, 6'7, St. Thomas More (CT), Fairfield

21. KC Whitaker, SG, 6'5, Fishburne Military Academy (VA), UAB

22. Jamir Hanner, PF, 6'8, Notre Damre Prep (MA), Marshall

23. Dylan Sherwood, PF, 6'8, Hun School (NJ), UNC-Wilmington

24. Shaq Duncan, PF, 6'8, The Robinson School (NJ), Morgan State

25. Tavon Allen, SF, 6'7, Worcester Academy (MA), Drexel

26. Ryan Rhoomes, PF, 6'8, NIA Prep (NJ), TCU

27. Khristian Smith, SG, 6'5, Maine Central Institute (ME), Indiana State

28. Briante Weber, SG, 6'2, Fork Union Military Academy (VA), VCU

29. Montray Clemons, PF, 6'8, Evelyn Mack Academy (NC), DePaul

30. Jeff Short, SG, 6'4, Notre Dame Prep (MA), Fordham

31. Danny Lawhorn, PG, 5'10, The Robinson School (NJ), UMES

32. Josh Turner, SG, 6'5, Southern Carolina Prep Academy (NC), uncommitted

33. Devon McMillan, PG, 5'11, Notre Dame Prep (MA), Fordham

34. Eugene McCrory, PF, 6'8, CJEOTO Academy (NJ), Wagner

35. Daniel Franca, C, 6'8, Bridgton Academy (ME), uncommitted

36. Dylan Setzekorn, SF, 6'5, Hun School (NJ), The Citadel

37. JaKarri McCallop, PF, 6'7, The Robinson School (NJ), Morgan State

38. Adrian Rodgers, SG, 6'3, Maine Central Institute (ME), USC-Upstate

39. Alex Davis, PF, 6'9, Southern Carolina Prep Academy (NC), uncommitted

40. Omari Grier, SG, 6'3, Maine Central Institute (ME), Florida Atlantic


- The top six players in the D1HR PG Top 40 rankings would likely have been ranked between #110 and #150 in the D1HR 2011 Top 150.

- The most common position in the D1HR PG Top 40 is power forward, with 19. There are 11 shooting guards on the list, 5 small forwards, 4 point guards, and just 1 center.

- There are no 7-footers on the list and just one player who is 6'10. There are two ranked players under 6'0.

- Eleven prep schools have multiple players on the list. The schools—with two each, unless otherwise noted—are: Notre Dame Prep (MA) with 4, Brewster Academy (NH) with 3, Bridgton Academy (ME) with 3, Maine Central Institute (ME) with 3, The Robinson School (NJ) with 3, CJEOTO Academy (NJ), South Kent (CT), Southern Carolina Prep Academy (NC), St. John's Northwestern Military Academy (WI), and St. Thomas More (CT).

- There are seven uncommitted players on the list and the other 33 players are going to 29 different college. Just four colleges (Drexel, Fordham, Morgan State, and Rutgers) have commitments from multiple players on the list, each with two.

- There are 17 different conferences represented by committed players in the D1HR PG Top 40. Just six of them will welcome more than one player from the list, while the other 11 have one each. Those 11 conferences are as follows: ACC, Atlantic Sun, Big Ten, Horizon League, MAAC, Missouri Valley, Mountain West, NEC, Pac-12, Sun Belt, and SoCon. Note that Utah is being considered a member of the Pac-12.

- The following is a list of the six conferences adding multiple ranked players. The numbers in parenthesis represent, respectively, the number of total players, the number of teams adding a player, and the number of teams adding more than one player: Big East (8, 7, 1), CAA (4, 3, 1), Atlantic-10 (3, 2, 1), MEAC (3, 2, 1), C-USA (2, 2, 0), and SEC (2, 2, 0).

- There are 19 players in the D1HR PG Top 40 who attend prep school in New England (6 in ME, 5 in MA, 4 in CT, 4 in NH). There are 8 players on the list who go to prep school in New Jersey, the most of any state. Besides the New England states and New Jersey, no other state has more than two kids at its prep schools.

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