Sunday, February 26, 2006

New Articles, 100,000th Hit

I didn't post links to my other articles last week, but don't forget to check out plenty of new material from me over on,,, or

"Allow Me to Introduce Myself", "A Bubble Team's Worst Nightmare": The former discusses ten players capable of becoming unsung heroes or "x-factors" down the stretch going into the NCAA Tournament. These players fly under the radar on championship-caliber clubs but could make an impact in March. The latter looks at the top conferences and breaks down potential sleepers in the respective conference tournaments. It also looks at the Atlantic-10 and the West Coast Conference to see if anyone can knock off George Washington and Gonzaga, respectively.

"Game of the Week: Florida vs. Tennessee": Breaks down and analyzes the Florida-Tennessee matchup from this past week. Includes complete team reports and a prediction on the game. Also discusses several of the key games in the latter part of the week in college basketball.

"Texas A&M in the NCAA Tournament? Really?", "Kansas at Texas Preview": The first article discusses Texas A&M's chances of making the NCAA Tournament, and breaks down what the Aggies have to do in order to improve their hopes of getting a bid. The other article is a complete preview of this weekend's Kansas-Texas battle. Includes analysis on both teams as well as the key matchups, as well as a prediction.

"Memphis Might be Lonely in March", "C-USA Game of the Week: Houston at UTEP": The former discusses each of the four teams in Conference-USA and their chances of making the NCAA Tournament. The article also includes a preview of the C-USA Game of the Week, and several notes and observations from around the conference. The latter article is a complete preview of the Houston-UTEP game from this past weekend. It also includes a plethora of observations from around Conference-USA. Additionally, there is a follow-up to the "Memphis Might be Lonely..." article in my "C-USA Bracket Breakdown".

In other news, the March Madness All Season website recently had its 100,000th hit. Thank you to everyone for visiting the site and please continue to read all the new material that will be coming out. Also, don't be afraid to tell anyone interested in college basketball to check out the site; new, faithful readers are always welcome. Thank you again!

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