Monday, December 3, 2007

Site Update

Hey everyone, I just wanted to announce a couple of things for my loyal readers here at March Madness All Season.

I know things had been slow around here for the past couple of weeks prior to the last two days, with just predictions and the occasional "News & Notes" compilation going up on the site. That was primarily because of the simple fact that my 21st birthday was last Thursday, so I was not near the computer for much of the past five days or so.

Furthermore, the University of Delaware football is in the FCS (formerly I-AA) playoffs, and actually upset the No. 1 seed, undefeated Northern Iowa, on the road Saturday, meaning I was not paying much attention to the afternoon college basketball that day. The Blue Hens are now in the Final Four, facing off against No. 4 Southern Illinois Saturday at 4 p.m. on ESPN. Tune in -- if they win, I'm headed to Chattanooga, TN for the title game.

Lastly, finals week is coming up here at UD, meaning articles with actual content -- not just predictions -- could be sporadic for the next few days as well. However, since it's December and college hoops is in full swing, my "Weekend Preview" will be back starting on Friday, and I will begin to post daily articles and columns in the coming days. Once things settle down here, I will post a schedule of what I will post on a daily basis at March Madness All Season.

And of course, please stay locked into March Madness All Season for all the predictions, analysis and college basketball discussion you need, and you'll never feel lost in the college basketball world.

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