Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Wednesday, December 5th Predictions

Prediction Record: 113-44 (ATS: 76-69-1)

Note: This is the first year I'm doing predictions with the spreads in parenthesis as opposed to just straight-up like I have done for the past two and a half seasons. I have received many e-mails suggesting I should make picks using betting lines in order to weed out some of the obvious games I predict. I also get feedback asking about my picks with the spread, so I figured I would try it out here for a few days to see if it generates positive or negative feedback. Feel free to leave a comment or shoot me an e-mail at

Hampton at George Mason (OFF): Prediction: George Mason 72, Hampton 64
Georgetown at Alabama (+8): Prediction: Georgetown 74, Alabama 65
Pittsburgh at Duquesne (+5.5): Prediction: Pittsburgh 86, Duquesne 82
Syracuse at Virginia (-8): Prediction: Virginia 84, Syracuse 79
North Texas at Texas (-18): Prediction: Texas 90, North Texas 75
Nebraska at Western Kentucky (-7.5): Prediction: Western Kentucky 72, Nebraska 63
Creighton at Xavier (-11.5): Prediction: Xavier 71, Creighton 64
Wake Forest at Vanderbilt (-10.5): Prediction: Vanderbilt 77, Wake Forest 66
West Virginia at Auburn (+6): Prediction: West Virginia 72, Auburn 67
Washington State at Gonzaga (-2.5): Prediction: Gonzaga 70, Washington State 68

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  1. The Davidson bandwagon is going to be empty soon.