Wednesday, May 14, 2008

DeRozan Potentially Out at USC

According to the Los Angeles Times, USC recruit DeMar DeRozan will likely ask out of his letter-of-intent should the Trojans be punished for the recent O.J. Mayo allegations. "This is a good wake-up call," Jermaine DeRozan, DeMar's half-brother, said. "I'm just hoping SC doesn't get put on probation [If it does], I would get out of there." His half-brother also made it fairly clear that DeRozan is only going to be in college for one season, and he wants to make the most of it. "If they can't make the tournament next year, that's what we're going to college for," Jermaine DeRozan said. "If you do your one year, you at least have to shine and get to the tournament with the intentions of winning it or get to the Elite Eight." DeMar DeRozan's high school coach, Tony Thomas, said two Final Four teams have called to inquire about DeRozan's availability and to not "forget about them." DeRozan, a 6-5 shooting guard, is a McDonald's All-American and is ranked as the No. 3 recruit in the country by

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