Monday, June 23, 2008

Jennings Going to Europe Instead of Arizona?

According to the New York Times, incoming Arizona point guard Brandon Jennings is pondering going to play for a year in Europe instead of heading to Tucson. "I told my mom that that was something we should look into, going overseas, it seems like a good idea," Jennings said. "I think people just develop better over there. You’re playing professional ball for a year, you’re playing against guys who are older than you. I’ll constantly be playing basketball 24-7. I don’t have to worry about school and things like that." Jennings has yet to receive a qualifying test score for the NCAA, although he passed on his second attempt. However, the NCAA asked him to take it a third time because of the difference between his two previous tries. "For a person that plays ball, our dream is to get to the N.B.A.," Jennings said. "College is like, O.K., we’ll do this one year, but our real mind-set is that we’re trying to get to the league, take care of our families. They’re making us do college so we feel like, Let’s do one year, go to class half the time." Jennings would be the first to do this sort of thing since the NBA issued the rule forcing players to be out of high school for at least one year before entering the NBA Draft. He said he will wait until he gets his test score back, though. "If I pass, it’ll be something me and my mom can really sit down and talk about," Jennings said. "We’ll figure it out, try to see, do I really want to go to college? If I don’t pass, then I have no other option but to go, or work out for a year." He is the top-rated player in the country by

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