Thursday, April 2, 2009

Final Four Preview, Part Three

For a complete preview of the Final Four, click here.

Best Point Guard
1. Ty Lawson, North Carolina
2. Kalin Lucas, Michigan State
3. A.J. Price, Connecticut
4. Scottie Reynolds, Villanova

Best Shooting Guard
1. Wayne Ellington, North Carolina
2. Reggie Redding, Villanova
3. Travis Walton, Michigan State
4. Craig Austrie, Connecticut

Best Small Forward
1. Raymar Morgan, Michigan State
2. Danny Green, North Carolina
3. Stanley Robinson, Connecticut
4. Dwayne Anderson, Villanova

Best Power Forward
1. Jeff Adrien, Connecticut
2. Deon Thompson, North Carolina
3. Delvon Roe, Michigan State
4. Shane Clark, Villanova

Best Center
1. Hasheem Thabeet, Connecticut
2. Tyler Hansbrough, North Carolina
3. Dante Cunningham, Villanova
4. Goran Suton, Michigan State

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