Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Napier Tops in New England for 2011?

With the multitude of private and prep schools in the New England area, it is inevitable that a plethora of talent comes out of there every year.

Arguably the best player in the class of 2011 in that region is Shabazz Napier, a 5-11 point guard who plays for Lawrence Academy (Ma.) and runs with Metro Boston for AAU ball.

“I [have] been getting a lot of new mail from Florida and Marquette,” Napier said. I am supposed to visit St. John’s coming up and when I arrive for school in a few more days, Villanova and Kentucky are supposed to come up there, along with a few other schools.”

Napier claims offers from Miami, Memphis, St. John’s, Tulane, Virginia, Providence, Massachusetts, Houston and possibly a few others.

UConn and Pittsburgh, I believe, are also supposed to be visiting me when school starts,” Napier added.

Thus far, Napier has only visited Providence and Massachusetts.

“When I eventually decide, I’m basically looking for a school that fits my style of play,” Napier said. “A school that runs; like a fast-break team, not much of a half-court team – but I can also play that way. But I’m most effective in a ‘get the ball and go’ team.”

Unlike some prospects that sign with a school and then are caught in a bind when they change their mind or the coach leaves, Napier has the foresight to take his time and not reveal his hand too early.

He’s not even naming leaders at this point.

“I don’t have any favorites because it’s [a] business,” Napier said. “At any time, someone – coaches and myself – can change due to many things.”

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