Friday, December 4, 2009

Weekend Viewer's Guide

The last week of the college football season (sorry, Army vs. Navy) means one thing: college basketball is about to kick into high gear. Some conferences began league play this past week, and this weekend features several marquee match-ups, highlighted between a battle between two of the most storied programs in college hoops history. So when you want to take a break from conference championship games, feel free to switch over to college basketball – there are plenty of games to keep you interested.

  • VCU at William & Mary (Saturday, 12:00 PM, Regional TV): Prediction: William & Mary 72, VCU 68
  • North Carolina at Kentucky (Saturday, 12:30 PM, CBS): Prediction: Kentucky 89, North Carolina 81
  • Southern Miss at Mississippi (Saturday, 1:00 PM, Regional TV): Prediction: Mississippi 77, Southern Miss 64
  • North Carolina State at Marquette (Saturday, 3:00 PM, Regional TV): Prediction: Marquette 68, North Carolina State 59
  • St. John’s at Duke (Saturday, 3:30 PM, ESPN2): Prediction: Duke 79, St. John’s 65
  • DePaul at Vanderbilt (Saturday, 4:00 PM): Prediction: Vanderbilt 73, DePaul 54
  • UTSA at Oklahoma State (Saturday, 4:05 PM, Regional TV): Prediction: Oklahoma State 84, UTSA 67
  • Oregon at Missouri (Saturday, 5:00 PM, ESPNU): Prediction: Missouri 92, Oregon 78
  • Wake Forest at Gonzaga (Saturday, 5:30 PM, ESPN2): Prediction: Gonzaga 79, Wake Forest 70
  • Charlotte at Louisville (Saturday, 7:00 PM, ESPNU): Prediction: Louisville 71, Charlotte 53
  • Washington State at Kansas State (Saturday, 9:00 PM, ESPNU): Prediction: Kansas State 70, Washington State 63
  • Saint Mary’s at Utah State (Saturday, 9:00 PM): Prediction: Utah State 74, Saint Mary’s 65
  • New Mexico State at New Mexico (Saturday, 9:00 PM, Regional TV): Prediction: New Mexico 82, New Mexico State 75
  • San Diego State at UCSB (Saturday, 10:00 PM): Prediction: San Diego State 80, UCSB 71
  • Iowa State at California (Saturday, 11:00 PM, ESPNU): Prediction: California 73, Iowa State 63
  • South Carolina at Clemson (Sunday, 1:00 PM, Regional TV): Prediction: Clemson 85, South Carolina 71
  • Miami (Fl.) at Boston College (Sunday, 3:00 PM, FSN): Prediction: Boston College 66, Miami (Fl.) 61
  • Nebraska at Creighton (Sunday, 5:05 PM, Regional TV): Prediction: Creighton 60, Nebraska 48
  • Kansas at UCLA (Sunday, 5:30 PM, FSN): Prediction: Kansas 89, UCLA 71
  • Arizona at Oklahoma (Sunday, 7:00 PM, ESPNU): Prediction: Oklahoma 67, Arizona 58
  • Villanova vs. Maryland (Sunday, 7:30 PM, FSN): Prediction: Villanova 81, Maryland 76


  1. Hey are you a professional journalist? This article is very well written, as compared to most other blogs i saw today….
    anyhow thanks for the good read!

  2. I guess you can say I'm professional...I do freelance writing for a variety of media outlets, mainly high school and college basketball reporting.

    Thanks for the kinds words, and keep reading. Starting next week, I'll really ratchet up the production and analysis here.