Thursday, January 26, 2006

New Articles at SCS, C-USA, Big 12

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"The Making of a Champion": Breaks down what teams need to make a run at the national championship. Looks back at the past three champions and analyzes what they have in common. Then, the article goes team-by-team to see which contenders have what it takes to hoist the trophy in April.

"C-USA Game of the Week: UAB at Memphis": Previews the UAB-Memphis matchup and gives an in-depth breakdown of each team, complete with a prediction on the game. Also includes other observations on the season so far and what is to come in Conference USA.

"Can Texas Go Through the Big 12 Undefeated?": Looks at the Texas Longorns, and breaks down their season so far and their chances to run the table in the conference. Discusses how experts wrote them off back in December and how people are jumping back on the bandwagon as quickly as they jumped off.

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