Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Wednesday, January 11th Predictions

Prediction Record: 197-97

Indiana at Michigan State- Prediction: Michigan State 79, Indiana 76
LSU at Arkansas- Prediction: LSU 73, Arkansas 68
Maryland at Duke- Prediction: Duke 82, Maryland 73
Georgetown at West Virginia- Prediction: West Virginia 77, Georgetown 70
Syracuse at Notre Dame- Prediction: Notre Dame 68, Syracuse 63
Wichita State at Bradley- Prediction: Bradley 75, Wichita State 70
Southeastern Louisiana at Northwestern State- Prediction: Northwestern State 72, Southeastern Louisiana 62
Iona at St. Peter's- Prediction: St. Peter's 71, Iona 68
Nebraska at Kansas State- Prediction: Kansas State 73, Nebraska 65
Georgia at Tennessee- Prediction: Tennessee 76, Georgia 67
Baylor at Texas Tech- Prediction: Texas Tech 71, Baylor 64
Creighton at Northern Iowa- Prediction: Northern Iowa 76, Creighton 69
Kansas at Colorado- Prediction: Kansas 68, Colorado 66
Texas A&M at Oklahoma State- Prediction: Oklahoma State 72, Texas A&M 67

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