Sunday, January 15, 2006

Weekly Power Rankings

After an exciting weekend that saw several upsets and tight games that were decided at the wire, March Madness All Season is back with the Power Sweet Sixteen Rankings. We will post the rankings every Sunday until we begin to release complete brackets in February.

- Standard bracketing rules apply (no two teams from the same conference in the same half-bracket, etc.)
- Numbers in parenthesis next to the team indicate what 1-16 ranking they are

Atlanta Region:
1. Duke (1)
2. Illinois (8)
3. Texas (10)
4. Syracuse (16)

Oakland Region:
1. Connecticut (4)
2. Wisconsin (5)
3. Gonzaga (9)
4. North Carolina State (14)

Washington, D.C. Region:
1. Florida (2)
2. Pittsburgh (7)
3. Michigan State (11)
4. Washington (15)

Minneapolis Region:
1. Memphis (3)
2. Villanova (6)
3. Indiana (12)
4. West Virginia (13)

17th Team: Tennessee

Others Considered: George Washington, UCLA


  1. Appreciate your perspective.

    Just a comment on the bracketing and the rules. The NCAA got rid of the conference not meeting until the final 8 rules this year. In fact, conference teams can now meet as early as the second round. Don't know if it makes a difference or not. Just passing it along.

  2. Yeah, I found that out the other day...however, for sake of my bracketing, I'd rather not have Villanova and Pitt 2-3 in the same region..thank you though