Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Tuesday, December 5th Predictions

Prediction Record: 122-48

Loyola Chicago at Purdue- Prediction: Purdue 67, Loyola Chicago 60
Oklahoma State vs. Syracuse-
Prediction: Oklahoma State 69, Syracuse 66
Northern Iowa at Iowa- Prediction: Iowa 65, Northern Iowa 63
Texas A&M at LSU- Prediction: Texas A&M 68, LSU 59
Louisville vs. Arizona- Prediction: Arizona 83, Louisville 73
New Mexico at New Mexico State- Prediction: New Mexico State 77, New Mexico 72
Gonzaga at Washington State- Prediction: Gonzaga 75, Washington State 65


  1. Hello.
    Im from Israel and a big fan of your blog.
    just one thing: put your oredictions a little bit earlier because we see them after the games are starting.

  2. i agree, its not impressive if the picks aren't made until after games start

  3. They went up well before the games started.

    Just look at the time they were posted.

    It's not like I watched the games then made the picks. And I went 4-3 yesterday, so I guess there goes that theory.

  4. whoa, you don't have to get all defensive. I was just commenting because its 6:30pm and the games start at 7 yet i do not see any wednesday picks yet

  5. I didnt saiy you watched the games, not a all. The truth is that i really like your predictions but it will be better if w'll be able to see them before the games. look at today: there are a lot of games that start in half an hour and you didnt post yet.
    Im not saying anything bad, your blog and predictions are fantastic and thats why i take a look every day.

  6. They are up...I apologize. I do usually make an attempt to get them up earlier, but I was late the past couple of days.

    My apologies.