Sunday, December 17, 2006

Weekly Power Rankings

Every Sunday night throughout the season, March Madness All Season will be publishing their power rankings for that week. Once January rolls around, it will mold into a "Power Sweet Sixteen Rankings", including the top four seeds in each region. For now, though, here is this week's Top 25 Power Rankings.

2. North Carolina
3. Ohio State
4. Wisconsin
5. Wichita State
6. Arizona
7. Florida
8. Alabama
9. Pittsburgh
10. Oklahoma State
11. Duke
12. Connecticut
13. Air Force
14. LSU
15. Notre Dame
16. Texas A&M
17. Washington
18. Butler
19. Kansas
20. Gonzaga
21. Missouri State
22. Texas
23. Clemson
24. Southern Illinois
25. Nevada

Others Considered: Boston College, Michigan State, Oregon, Memphis, Virginia, Marquette, Georgia


  1. Washington being ranked ahead of Butler is a fucking joke.

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  3. You have Ohio State at #12. That's a joke.