Monday, October 13, 2008

Biggest Shoes to Fill


Players leave their teams after every season, whether it was a matter of eligibility running out or the player taking the early-entry route. It's the way college basketball is. However, the impact of some of the missing players on their old team will vary from player to player. This year, there is an obvious absence of several of the best players from the last few years. Who will replace them?

Brandon Rush, Kansas; Replacement: Mario Little
Mario Chalmers, Kansas; Replacement: Sherron Collins
Darrell Arthur, Kansas; Replacement: Marcus Morris
Derrick Rose, Memphis; Replacement: Willie Kemp
Chris Douglas-Roberts, Memphis; Replacement: Tyreke Evans
Joey Dorsey, Memphis; Replacement: Shawn Taggart
Kevin Love, UCLA; Replacement: J’Mison Morgan
Russell Westbrook, UCLA; Replacement: Jrue Holiday
Michael Beasley/Bill Walker, Kansas State; Replacement: Ron Anderson
O.J. Mayo, USC; Replacement: DeMar DeRozan
D.J. Augustin, Texas; Replacement: Dogus Balbay
Jerryd Bayless, Arizona; Replacement: Zane Johnson
Sean Singletary, Virginia; Replacement: Calvin Baker
DeMarcus Nelson, Duke; Replacement: Elliot Williams
Eric Gordon, Indiana; Replacement: Nick Williams
D.J. White, Indiana; Replacement: Tom Pritchard
Joe Alexander, West Virginia; Replacement: Devin Ebanks
Brook Lopez/Robin Lopez, Stanford; Replacement: Josh Owens
Jason Thompson, Rider; Replacement: Jermaine Jackson
George Hill, IUPUI; Replacement: Robert Glenn
Anthony Randolph, LSU; Replacement: Tasmin Mitchell
Marreese Speights, Florida; Replacement: Kenny Kadji/Eloy Vargas
Roy Hibbert, Georgetown; Replacement: Greg Monroe
JaVale McGee, Nevada; Replacement: Luke Babbitt
Marcelus Kemp, Nevada; Replacement: Joey Shaw
Shan Foster, Vanderbilt; Replacement: Jeffery Taylor
Chris Lofton, Tennessee; Replacement: Scotty Hopson
J.R. Giddens, New Mexico; Replacement: Tony Danridge
J.J. Hickson, North Carolina State; Replacement: Tracy Smith
Ryan Anderson, California; Replacement: Jamal Boykin
Richard Hendrix, Alabama; Replacement: Jamychal Green
Donte Greene, Syracuse; Replacement: Kris Ongenaet
Kyle Weaver, Washington State; Replacement: Klay Thompson
Trent Plaisted, BYU; Replacement: Chris Miles
Maarty Leunen, Oregon; Replacement: Michael Dunigan
Malik Hairston, Oregon; Replacement: Matthew Humphrey
Joe Crawford, Kentucky; Replacement: Jodie Meeks
Ramel Bradley, Kentucky; Replacement: DeAndre Liggins
James Gist, Maryland; Replacement: Jerome Burney
Pat Calathes, Saint Joseph’s; Replacement: Garrett Williamson
Brian Roberts, Dayton; Replacement: Paul Williams
Gary Forbes, Massachusetts; Replacement: Anthony Gurley
Aleks Maric, Nebraska; Replacement: Christopher Niemann
Joseph Jones/DeAndre Jordan, Texas A&M; Replacement: Bryan Davis
Kentrell Gransberry, South Florida; Replacement: Alex Rivas Sanchez
Brian Laing, Seton Hall; Replacement: Robert Mitchell
Drew Neitzel, Michigan State; Replacement: Chris Allen
Kosta Koufos, Ohio State; Replacement: B.J. Mullens
Jamar Butler, Ohio State; Replacement: Noopy Crater/Jeremie Simmons
Brian Butch, Wisconsin; Replacement: Jon Leuer
Jamont Gordon, Mississippi State; Replacement: Phil Turner
Jason Richards, Davidson; Replacement: Brendan McKillop
Rob McKiver, Houston; Replacement: Aubrey Coleman
Daniel Ruffin, Bradley; Replacement: Sam Maniscalco
Adam Emmenecker, Drake; Replacement: Craig Stanley
Randal Falker/Matt Shaw, Southern Illinois; Replacement: Anthony Booker
Reggie Larry, Boise State; Replacement: Ike Okoye
Jaycee Carroll, Utah State; Replacement: Tyler Newbold
Reggie Williams, VMI; Replacement: Willie Bell
Arizona Reid, High Point; Replacement: Jourdan Morris
Alex Harris, UC Santa Barbara; Replacement: D.J. Posley
Will Thomas, George Mason; Replacement: Darryl Monroe
Antoine Agudio, Hofstra; Replacement: Tony Dennison
Mike Green, Butler; Replacement: Shelvin Mack
A.J. Graves, Butler; Replacement: Zach Hahn
Gerald Brown, Loyola (Md.); Replacement: Jamal Barney
Charron Fisher, Niagara; Replacement: Bilal Benn

Roy Bright, Delaware State; Replacement: Arturo Dubois
DeMario Anderson, Quinnipiac; Replacement: Jeremy Baker
Tim Clifford, Holy Cross; Replacement: Eric Meister
Kyle Hines, UNC-Greensboro; Replacement: Pete Brown
Mickell Gladness, Alabama A&M; Replacement: Shane Burrell
Geoff Payne, Southern Utah; Replacement: Tyler Quinney
Bo McCalebb, New Orleans; Replacement: Darrian McKinstry
Demetric Bennett, South Alabama; Replacement: LeShun Watson
Courtney Lee, Western Kentucky; Replacement: A.J. Slaughter


  1. Kosta Koufos, Ohio State; Replacement: Kosta Koufos

    What are the odds!

  2. Haha, good find. Maybe he's returning and we just don't know about it yet.