Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Non-Conference Games to Watch


This season is full of great non-conference games. Many would be surprised to see so many contests between Top 10-15 teams. However, there is not a fan out there that would complain about the amount of high-quality games on this season's slate. Furthermore, there are also dozens of games between potential NCAA Tournament teams and quality mid-major squads. Nearly every night, you can sit down and watch a game between NCAA-caliber clubs.

Week of November 10-November 16

San Diego at UNLV (Saturday)

Week of November 17-November 23
Kentucky at North Carolina (Tuesday)
San Diego at Nevada (Wednesday)

Week of November 24-November 30

Week of December 1-December 7
Wisconsin at Virginia Tech (Monday)
Ohio State at Miami (Fl.) (Tuesday)
Duke at Purdue (Tuesday)
North Carolina at Michigan State (Wednesday)
West Virginia at Ole Miss (Wednesday)
USC at Oklahoma (Thursday)
UCLA at Texas (Thursday)
Oklahoma State at Washington (Thursday)
Arizona at Texas A&M (Friday)
Notre Dame vs. Ohio State (Saturday)
Wisconsin at Marquette (Saturday)
Miami (Fl.) at Kentucky (Saturday)
Tulsa vs. Oklahoma (Saturday)
Baylor at Washington State (Saturday)
UNLV at Nevada (Saturday)

Week of December 8-December 14
Texas vs. Villanova (Tuesday)
Davidson vs. West Virginia (Tuesday)
Gonzaga at Washington State (Wednesday)
Saint Joseph’s at Villanova (Thursday)
Tennessee at Temple (Saturday)
Memphis at Georgetown (Saturday)
Xavier at Cincinnati (Saturday)
Gonzaga at Arizona (Sunday)
Texas A&M at Alabama (Sunday)

Week of December 15-December 21

Marquette at Tennessee (Tuesday)
Siena at Pittsburgh (Wednesday)
Louisville vs. Ole Miss (Thursday)
Connecticut vs. Gonzaga (Saturday)
Michigan State at Texas (Saturday)
Syracuse at Memphis (Saturday)
Davidson at Purdue (Saturday)
Arizona at UNLV (Saturday)
Minnesota vs. Louisville (Saturday)
VCU at Oklahoma (Saturday)
Duke vs. Xavier (Saturday)
Texas A&M at LSU (Saturday)
Clemson at Miami (Fl.) (Sunday)
Temple at Kansas (Saturday)

Week of December 22-December 28
Kansas at Arizona (Tuesday)
Texas at Wisconsin (Tuesday)
UAB at Louisville (Saturday)

Week of December 29-January 4
Villanova at Temple (Monday)
North Carolina at Nevada (Wednesday)
UNLV at Louisville (Wednesday)
Tennessee at Kansas (Saturday)
West Virginia at Ohio State (Saturday)
Kentucky at Louisville (Sunday)

Week of January 5-January 11
Siena at Kansas (Tuesday)
Gonzaga at Tennessee (Wednesday)
Alabama at Clemson (Thursday)
Davidson at Duke (Wednesday)
Kansas at Michigan State (Saturday)

Week of January 12-January 18
Georgetown at Duke (Saturday)

Week of January 19-January 25
Memphis at Tennessee (Saturday)

Week of January 26-February 1

Week of February 2-February 8
Memphis at Gonzaga (Saturday)
Notre Dame at UCLA (Saturday)


2K Sports Coaches vs. Cancer Classic (Teams of Interest: Duke, UCLA)
CBE Classic (Teams of Interest: Kansas, Florida, Syracuse, Washington)
Las Vegas Invitational (Teams of Interest: Kentucky, West Virginia, Kansas State)
NIT Season Tip-Off (Teams of Interest: Purdue, Arizona, Oklahoma, Davidson, UAB)
Legends Classic (Teams of Interest: Pittsburgh)
Puerto Rico Tip-Off (Teams of Interest: Memphis, Xavier, Virginia Tech, USC, Missouri)
Maui Invitational (Teams of Interest: Alabama, North Carolina, Notre Dame, Texas)
Paradise Jam (Teams of Interest: Connecticut, San Diego, Miami (Fl.), Wisconsin)
Anaheim Classic (Teams of Interest: Arizona State, Baylor, Saint Mary’s, Wake Forest, Providence)
Old Spice Classic (Teams of Interest: Michigan State, Tennessee, Georgetown, Gonzaga, Siena)

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