Monday, November 17, 2008

Monday, November 17 Predictions

Prediction Record: 0-0 (ATS: 0-0)

With ESPN kicking off their college basketball coverage with a 23-hour marathon of college hoops coverage, I've decided it's time to get started with my daily game predictions. As I did last year, I will be predicting games with the spread, and will post my prediction record, both straight-up and ATS. If my score seems close to the spread, it's purely coincidence -- I type in my predictions, then add the spread at the end.

Note: For tonight, I will predicting each game in the ESPN marathon; normally, I select the top games of the night to predict.

Massachusetts at Memphis (-15.5): Prediction: Memphis 92, Massachusetts 77
Fresno State at Saint Mary's (-21): Prediction: Saint Mary's 79, Fresno State 65
Idaho State at Hawaii (-5): Prediction: Hawaii 71, Idaho State 67
Penn at Drexel (-2): Prediction: Penn 68, Drexel 65
Liberty at UNC-Asheville (OFF): Prediction: Liberty 70, UNC-Asheville 62
Centenary at Baylor (OFF): Prediction: Baylor 104, Centenary 61
Richmond at Syracuse (-16.5): Prediction: Syracuse 88, Richmond 72
Loyola-Chicago at Purdue (-18.5): Prediction: Purdue 78, Loyola-Chicago 62
St. John's at Boston College (-8): Prediction: Boston College 70, St. John's 63
Kentucky at North Carolina (-16): Prediction: North Carolina 85, Kentucky 74
Florida Gulf Coast at Kansas (OFF): Prediction: Kansas 109, Florida Gulf Coast 66
Davidson at Oklahoma (-5): Prediction: Oklahoma 76, Davidson 70
UAB at Arizona (-5.5): Prediction: Arizona 79, UAB 75

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