Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Stephen Curry Sits in Corner, Davidson Still Wins by 30

Stephen Curry scored 0 points and took just three shots -- and Davidson still won by 30 points over Loyola (Md.).
The reason? Curry decided to see how far Loyola coach Jimmy Patsos was willing to go with his triangle-and-two defense by standing by himself in the corner of the court and having two defenders follow him. And it worked -- Patsos, for some reason, never went away from his planned zone defense, even when it was clear the Greyhounds were going to lose. Basically, Davidson was able to play four-on-three the entire night, leading to four Wildcats in double-figures, including a 20-point, 10-rebound performance from Andrew Lovedale.
Not surprisingly, everyone was left slightly confused.
Davidson head coach Bob McKillop: "When you put two people on somebody and you do it for 30 minutes and at the end of the game, you have to wonder what the reasons for that are."
Mr. Left Out himself, Stephen Curry: "Every dead ball I asked them how long they were going to do this. They really didn't say anything. They weren't very conversational about it."
And here's a classic explanation by Patsos: "Anybody else ever hold him scoreless? I'm a history major. They're going to remember that we held him scoreless or we lost by 30?"
Seems like a reasonable explanation: hey, don't worry that we lost by 30 -- people will remember we held Curry scoreless. Yeah, that or the fact that your ridiculous strategy didn't work but you continued to use it for 40 minutes.
Can't wait to see what Patsos has up his sleeve next: maybe exiling himself from the team by sitting at the end of the bench or in the stands. Oh wait, he's already done that. But it's fine; as he said, "I'm not some rookie coach."
Nope, but he's probably going to be "some former coach" if this continues.
Photo Credit: AP

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