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Rumble in the Bronx School Lists

Considering all of the teams from New York City, New Jersey and New England at the Rumble in the Bronx this past weekend, one might be surprised that not one team from the aforementioned areas reached the semi-finals of the U-17 playoffs. Team Final, a Philadelphia-based team, took the title, defeating California Supreme in the championship. Nike Team Florida and the Albany City Rocks -- the tournament's host -- were knocked out in the semi-finals.

Connecticut Basketball Club won the U-17 Silver playoffs, while New Heights took the U-16 championship, beating a loaded Playaz team that was without Myles Mack and Desmond Hubert.

While at the Rumble, I evaluated and spoke to dozens of players. Here are the school lists for many of them; stay tuned to March Madness All Season and the NBE Basketball Report for more coverage of the 2009 Rumble in the Bronx.

Also, if you missed the live-blog over at NBE for the Rumble, here are links to them:
Friday Night
Saturday, Part I
Saturday, Part II

Dwayne Polee, California Supreme, 2010: Committed to USC, but is reconsidering. Also looking at Oklahoma State, Arizona and UNLV.
- Said AAU teammate Gary Franklin, also a USC commit, is in the same boat as him: waiting to see what happens with the USC coaching situation before making a decision.

Keala King, California Supreme, 2010: California, Oregon State, Arizona, Connecticut, Kentucky, Washington, Stanford, Oregon.
- Top three are California, Arizona and Stanford.
- Went to Stanford for its Elite Camp, but has not taken an official visit.

Kyrie Irving, NJ Roadrunners, 2010: Duke, Virginia, Indiana, Notre Dame, Kentucky, Texas A&M, Connecticut, two others he could not remember.
- Has visited Connecticut and Indiana, would like to visit Texas A&M and Notre Dame.
- His dad was spotted wearing an Indiana hat and sweatshirt on Sunday.

Michael Gilchrist, Team Final, 2011: Villanova, Memphis, Indiana, Georgetown, Kentucky, Syracuse, Louisville, Seton Hall.
- Visited Villanova and loved it.

Tyrone Garland, East Coast Elite, 2010: Offers from Temple, La Salle, Nebraska and St. Bonaventure, with interest Virginia Tech, Virginia, Maryland, Memphis, Western Kentucky, Seton Hall and Rutgers.
- Has visited Temple, La Salle, Maryland and Virginia Tech.

Rod Odom, New York Panthers, 2010: North Carolina, Louisville, Florida, Stanford, Georgia Tech, Boston College, Arkansas, Oklahoma State, Arizona.
- Has visited Boston College, Georgia Tech, Xavier.
- Plans on visiting Stanford, Arizona and Florida. In a text message earlier this evening, he also mentioned wanting to see Rutgers, Seton Hall, Arkansas and Oklahoma State.

J.J. Moore, New York Panthers, 2010: Connecticut, Louisville, Pittsburgh, Marquette, Louisville, St. John's, Oklahoma, Florida.
- Said his favorites are Louisville, Pittsburgh, Connecticut, Syracuse, Marquette.
- Plans to visit Louisville, Connecticut, Marquette, Providence.

DeJuan Coleman, New England Playaz, 2012: Syracuse, Ohio State, Georgetown, Rutgers, Kansas, Kentucky, LSU.

Shabazz Napier, New England Playaz, 2011: Syracuse, Connecticut, Memphis, Kansas, Kentucky
- Said those are his top five.
- Is heading to the Virginia and possibly Xavier elite camps.

Jaylen Bond, East Coast Elite, 2010: Florida State, Florida, West Virginia, Temple, La Salle, Saint Joseph's, Villanova.
- Has taken unofficial visits to Florida, Virginia and La Salle.
- Plans to reschedule a visit to Florida State, which he missed because he needed to study for finals.

Carson Desrosiers, Mass Rivals, 2010: Told NBE earlier in the week that his list includes Purdue, Marquette, Arizona State, UNLV, Stanford, Georgia Tech, Syracuse, Providence and added Florida to his list at the Rumble.

Josh Turner, Connecticut Select, 2010: Providence, Rhode Island, West Virginia, Massachusetts, according to NBE's Matt Whitfield.

Matt Brown, Mass Rivals, 2010: Fordham, Stanford, Marquette, Providence, Kansas State, Davidson, Notre Dame, Miami, South Carolina, according to Brian Crownover.
- Checked out the Virginia elite camp on Sunday, according to NBE's Matt Whitfield.

Fuquan Edwin, Playaz, 2010: Narrowed his list to Seton Hall and Providence, according to Alex Schwartz.

Doron Lamb, New York Gauchos, 2010: Kansas, Kentucky, Oklahoma, St. John's, Connecticut, Louisville, Arizona, UCLA, Rutgers.
- Has visited Louisville.
- Plans to visit Kansas, Kentucky and Oklahoma in late June.

Kadeem Jack, New York Gauchos, 2010: Seton Hall, Pittsburgh, St. John's, Rutgers, Miami (Fl.), Arkansas, George Mason, Albany, Siena.
- Top three are Seton Hall, Pittsburgh and St. John's.

Mohamed Lee, New York Gauchos, 2011: Marquette, Xavier, Arkansas, Pittsburgh and Miami (Fl.).

Shane Southwell, New York Gauchos, 2010: Marquette, South Carolina, Providence, St. John's, Xavier, Miami (Fl.), Kansas, Kentucky, Georgetown, Cincinnati.

Alex Murphy, Expressions Elite U-16, 2012: Florida, Wake Forest, Georgia Tech, Michigan, Rutgers, Boston College, Providence, Arizona, Connecticut.
- Has seen Florida, Providence and Connecticut.

Wilfried Yaguete, Nike Team Florida, 2010: South Carolina, Auburn, Virginia Tech, and Alabama.

Isaiah Epps, Playaz, 2010: Committed to Pittsburgh.
- Said he is deciding between Hargrave Military Academy and National Christian as a destination for next season.

Tyreek Duren, Team Final, 2010: Virginia Tech, Baylor, Miami (Fl.), Temple, La Salle, St. Bonaventure, Providence, Virginia.
- Favorites are Virginia Tech and Baylor.
- Has visited La Salle, will visit Temple next week.

Shaquille Thomas, Playaz, 2011: Syracuse, Oklahoma State, West Virginia, Florida, Providence, Hall, Rutgers.
- Will likely decide on a college this August.
- Reclassifying to 2011, has not decided on a destination for next season.

Aishon White, Playaz, 2010: Houston, Fordham, Robert Morris, Florida, Siena, according to Alex Schwartz.
- Favorite is Houston.

Aaron Brown, Metro Hawks, 2010: Harvard, Penn, Auburn, Miami (Fl.), Providence, Virginia Tech, Penn State, according to Alex Schwartz.
- Favorites are Harvard and Penn.

Denzel Brito, New England Playaz, 2010: Stanford, Kentucky, Duke, Providence, Connecticut, Davidson, according to NBE's Zach Smart.

Pe'Shon Howard, Team Odom LA, 2010: Stanford, Arkansas, Harvard, Virginia Tech, Alabama, Virginia, Rutgers, South Carolina, Arizona, Xavier.

Russ Smith, Juice All-Stars, 2010: Notre Dame, St. John's, Connecticut, Louisville, Providence, Seton Hall, Virginia, Virginia Tech, Stanford, South Carolina, UCF, South Florida, La Salle, George Mason, VCU, Iona.
- Has taken an unofficial visit to La Salle.

Anthony Lee, Nike Team Florida, 2010: South Carolina, North Carolina State, Iowa, Virginia Commonwealth, Auburn, Florida State, Tennessee Clemson, Temple, Florida Atlantic, Murray State, Northwestern, Marquette, Louisville, Ole Miss, Alabama, Saint Joseph's, Xavier, according to Alex Schwartz.
- Top three is South Carolina, Temple and Tennessee.

Will Regan, Albany City Rocks, 2010: Providence, Virginia, Arizona State, Stanford, Maryland

Tyler Olander, Expressions Elite U-16, 2012: Vanderbilt and Providence

Majok Majok, CBC, 2010: Stanford, Marquette, Missouri, Arkansas, Minnesota, Oregon State, Providence, St. John's, Harvard.
- Favorites are Stanford, Harvard and Marquette.
- Wants to visit Stanford.

Ronald Roberts, Playaz, 2010: Maryland, Villanova, George Mason, Notre Dame, according to NBE's Matt Whitfield.

Jordan Allen, Playaz U-16, 2011: Illinois, Florida State, LSU, Pittsburgh, according to NBE's Matt Whitfield.
- Invited to Clemson elite camp.

Derrick Williams, Sports University, 2010: Virginia, Hofstra, Richmond, Seton Hall and Marquette, according to NBE's Matt Whitfield.
- Favorite is Virginia.
- Heading to Penn State elite camp this summer.

Ashton Pankey, New Heights, 2010: Providence, West Virginia, St. John's, Connecticut and Pittsburgh, according to NBE's Matt Whitfield.

Devon Collier, New Heights, 2010: West Virginia, St. John's, Connecticut, Pittsburgh, Syracuse, Seton Hall, according to NBE's Matt Whitfield.

Jayvaughn Pinkston, New Heights, 2010: Marquette, Villanova, Arizona, St. John's, Tennessee, said Kimani Young, Pinkston's AAU coach.
- Favorite is St. John's.

Trevor Cooney, Team Final, 2011: Boston University, Delaware, Syracuse, Villanova, Ohio State, Rutgers, Texas, Maryland, Rutgers.
- Has been to Delaware, Syracuse, Villanova and Maryland.
- Would like to see Ohio State in order to get a feel for a Big Ten school.

Jermaine Sanders, New Heights U-16, 2011: Virginia, Virginia Tech, West Virginia, Seton Hall, St. John's.
- Visiting Virginia this weekend.

Joey de la Rosa, New Heights U-16, 2011: Fordham, Georgetown, Hofstra, West Virginia, Providence.
- Favorite is Georgetown.

Vaughn Gray, Playaz U-16, 2011: Delaware, Providence, Massachusetts, Temple, Saint Joseph's, Villanova.
- Hopes to see Providence and Villanova soon.

Myles Davis, Playaz U-16, 2011: Virginia, Marist, Pittsburgh, Kentucky, Louisville, Wake Forest, Rutgers, Seton Hall, Arizona.
- Hopes to visit Virginia and Pittsburgh.

Charles Hankerson, Florida Gulf Coast, 2010: Alabama, Auburn, Florida, Virginia, Florida State, and Rice, according to Alex Schwartz.

Miles Cartwright, California Supreme, 2010: Penn, Princeton, Stanford, California, Washington State, Oregon State, Oregon.

Joel Brokenborough, East Coast Elite, 2010: Boise State, George Washington, Old Dominion, Fairfield, Robert Morris, Oberlin (D-II), Buffalo, and Philadelphia University (D-II), according to Alex Schwartz.
- Favorite is George Washington.
- Is hoping to reclassify to 2011.

Committed Players Evaluated:
Nate Lubick, New England Playaz, 2010: Georgetown
Isaiah Epps, Playaz, 2010: Pittsburgh
Keith Shamburger, California Supreme, 2010: Portland
Markus Kennedy, Team Final, 2010: Villanova
Okaro White, Nike Team Florida, 2010: Florida State
Darius Quarles, Team Final, 2010: Saint Joseph's
Taran Buie, Albany City Rocks, 2010: Penn State
Evan Smotrycz, Mass Rivals, 2010: Michigan

Others Evaluated:
Rakeem Christmas, Team Final, 2011
Keith Lumpkin, Playaz, 2010
Brian Wilson, New York Panthers, 2010
Austin Carroll, New England Playaz, 2010
Melsahn Basabe, New York Gauchos, 2010
Antonio Bigelow, Team Odom LA, 2010
Dave Coley, Juice All-Stars, 2010
Isaiah Morton, Juice All-Stars, 2010
Shaq Stokes, Juice All-Stars, 2010
Keith McDouglad, Nike Team Florida, 2010
Kyle Anderson, Playaz U-16, 2012
Eli Carter, Sports University, 2010

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