Friday, June 12, 2009

Who's In, Who's Out?

Although the term "Who's In, Who's Out" normally goes hand-in-hand with Selection Sunday and the NCAA Tournament, in can certainly apply to the final days before the NBA Draft withdrawal deadline. Players who have entered their names into the NBA Draft but have not hired an agent have until June 15 to withdraw their names and return to school.

Here is a look at some of the notable players remaining, and where they currently stand:

Jrue Holiday, UCLA: Hasn't made a decision yet, but considering he is expected to be chosen in the top-10, it wouldn't make sense for him to return. (Los Angeles Times)

Austin Daye, Gonzaga: Leaning heavily towards keeping his name in the Draft. (Associated Press)

Luke Harangody, Notre Dame: Said he was "50-50" on staying in the Draft. (Northwest Indiana Times)

Taj Gibson, USC: Prior to Tim Floyd's resignation, he was still on the fence. I can't see him returning to the Trojans anymore. (

Greivis Vasquez, Maryland: Report on said that he was staying in the Draft, but he denied that. Might head overseas to play.

Damion James, Texas: NBA personnel think James should go back to school, but he seems likely to stay in the Draft. (Hoops World)

Devan Downey, South Carolina: Told his high school coach that he was "50-50" on whether to return or not, but those close to him expect him to stay in the Draft or play in Europe. (The State)

Gani Lawal, Georgia Tech: Completely undecided. Projected as a first-round pick, but thinks he can raise his stock by returning to school.

Jeff Teague, Wake Forest: Strained his MCL in early June and shut down workouts, but will workout Monday with Indiana. Was leaning towards staying in the Draft, and his father told that the injury likely wouldn't affect that.

Jodie Meeks, Kentucky: As I reported earlier, his teammates don't think that he is returning, according to a source with knowledge of the situation. However, he has said that he will return to school if he doesn't get a first-round guarantee -- which he is not likely to get.

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