Sunday, October 9, 2005

Best Non-Conference Games


This season is full of great non-conference games. I can't remember a year in which there were so many contests between Top 10-15 teams. There is not a fan out there that would complain about the amount of high-quality games on this season's slate. However, there are also dozens of games between potential NCAA Tournament teams. Nearly every night, you can sit down and watch a game between NCAA-caliber clubs. Italics represent the "Super Seven" non-conference games.

Week of November 21- November 27
Vanderbilt at Georgetown- Saturday
LSU at West Virginia- Saturday
Miami at Temple- Sunday

Week of November 28- December 4
Virginia Tech at Ohio State- Monday
Miami at Michigan- Tuesday
Illinois at North Carolina- Tuesday
Wisconsin at Wake Forest- Tuesday
Northern Iowa at Iowa State- Tuesday
Duke at Indiana- Wednesday
Minnesota at Maryland- Wednesday
North Carolina State at Iowa- Wednesday
Oregon at Vanderbilt- Wednesday
Nevada at Kansas- Thursday
North Carolina at Kentucky- Saturday
Memphis at Cincinnati- Saturday
Georgetown at Oregon- Saturday
Oklahoma at Villanova- Saturday
Xavier at Illinois- Saturday
Gonzaga at Washington- Sunday

Week of December 5- December 11
Maryland at George Washington- Monday
Boston College vs. Michigan State (in New York City)- Tuesday
Iowa at Northern Iowa- Tuesday
Georgetown at Illinois- Thursday
Iowa at Iowa State- Friday
Duke vs. Texas (in New Jersey)- Saturday
Illinois at Oregon- Saturday
Kentucky at Indiana- Saturday
California at Kansas- Saturday
UCLA vs. Nevada (in Anaheim)- Saturday
Alabama at Temple- Saturday

Week of December 12- December 18
Ohio at Cincinnati- Wednesday
Wisconsin-Milwaukee at Wisconsin- Thursday
Louisville at Kentucky- Saturday
UCLA at Michigan- Saturday
Ohio State at Iowa State- Saturday
Virginia Tech vs. Stanford (in Las Vegas)- Sunday
Xavier at Creighton- Sunday

Week of December 19- December 25
Indiana at Charlotte- Monday
Northern Iowa at LSU- Monday
Arkansas at Texas Tech- Wednesday
Florida at Miami- Thursday
North Carolina State at Alabama- Thursday
West Virginia at Oklahoma- Thursday
Cincinnati vs. LSU (in Las Vegas)- Friday

Week of December 26- January 1
Gonzaga at Memphis- Tuesday
Kentucky at Ohio- Friday
Louisville at Miami- Saturday
George Washington at North Carolina State- Saturday
Villanova at Temple- Saturday
LSU at Ohio State- Saturday
Alabama at Oklahoma- Saturday

Week of January 2- January 8
Texas at Memphis- Monday
LSU at Connecticut- Saturday
Kentucky at Kansas- Saturday

Week of January 9- January 15
Villanova at Texas- Saturday

Week of January 16- January 22
Cincinnati at Xavier- Thursday
Duke at Georgetown- Saturday
West Virginia at UCLA- Saturday

Week of January 23- January 29
Maryland at Temple- Saturday
Arizona at North Carolina- Saturday

Week of January 30- February 5
Connecticut at Indiana- Saturday

Week of February 6- February 12
Charlotte at Wake Forest- Saturday
Stanford at Gonzaga- Saturday

Week of February 20- February 26
Duke at Temple- Saturday


Coaches vs. Cancer Classic- November 8-11, November 17-18 (Teams of Interest: Florida, Syracuse, Texas Tech, Wake Forest)

BCA Classic- November 13-15 (Teams of Interest: Washington, Miami)

Guardians Classic- November 12-16, November 21-22 (Teams of Interest: Iowa, Kentucky, Texas, West Virginia)

Preseason NIT- November 14-18, November 23, November 25 (Teams of Interest: Duke, Alabama, UW-Milwaukee, Memphis, Temple, UCLA)

Maui Invitational- November 21-23 (First round match-ups: Michigan State- Chaminade, Gonzaga-Maryland, Arizona-Kansas, Connecticut-Arkansas)

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