Tuesday, October 4, 2005

Biggest Shoes to Fill


Players leave their teams after every season, whether it be that his eligibility ran out or he took the early-entry route. It's the way that college basketball is. However, some missing players' impact on their old teams is bigger than others. This year, there is an obvious absence of several of the best players from the last few years. Who will replace them?

Daniel Ewing, G, Duke; Replacement: DeMarcus Nelson
Raymond Felton, PG, North Carolina; Replacement: Quentin Thomas/Bobby Frasor
Sean May, PF-C, North Carolina; Replacement: Tyler Hansbrough
Rashad McCants, SG-SF, North Carolina; Replacement: Danny Green/Marcus Ginyard
Jarrett Jack, PG, Georgia Tech; Replacement: Lewis Clinch
Chris Paul, PG, Wake Forest; Replacement: Harvey Hale
Julius Hodge, G-F, North Carolina State; Replacement: Gavin Grant
Eddie Basden, SF, Charlotte; Replacement: De' Angelo Alexander
Pat Carroll, SG-SF, St. Joseph's; Replacement: Jordan Fowler
Deron Williams, G, Illinois; Replacement: Calvin Brock
Luther Head, G, Illinois; Replacement: Rich McBride
Bracey Wright, SG, Indiana; Replacement: Lewis Monroe
Alan Anderson, F, Michigan State; Replacement: Marquise Gray
Mike Wilkinson, PF, Wisconsin; Replacement: Ray Nixon/Brian Butch
Jared Homan, PF-C, Iowa State; Replacement: Shawn Taggart
Wayne Simien, PF, Kansas; Replacement: Julian Wright
Keith Langford, SG, Kansas; Replacement: Brandon Rush
Linas Kleiza, PF, Missouri; Replacement: Leo Criswell
Joey Graham, F, Oklahoma State; Replacement: Keith Brumbaugh
John Lucas, PG, Oklahoma State; Replacement: Byron Eaton/Jamaal Brown
Antoine Wright, F, Texas A&M; Replacement: Marlon Pompey
Ronald Ross, SG, Texas Tech; Replacement: Terry Martin
Jason Maxiell, PF, Cincinnati; Replacement: Cedric McGowan
Charlie Villanueva, PF, Connecticut; Replacement: Hilton Armstrong
Quemont Greer, F, DePaul; Replacement: Wilson Chandler
Francisco Garcia, SF, Louisville; Replacement: Terrence Williams
Ellis Myles, PF, Louisville; Replacement: David Padgett
Travis Diener, PG, Marquette; Replacement: Dominic James
Chris Thomas, PG, Notre Dame; Replacement: Kyle McAlarney
Chevon Troutman, PF, Pittsburgh; Replacement: Levon Kendall
Ryan Gomes, F, Providence; Replacement: DeSean White
Terrence Leather, F, South Florida; Replacement: Melvin Buckley
Hakim Warrick, PF, Syracuse; Replacement: Terrence Roberts
Andre Owens, SG, Houston; Replacement: Oliver Lafayette/Richard Young
Omar Thomas, F, UTEP; Replacement: Tremaine Fuqua
Filiberto Rivera, PG, UTEP; Replacement: Kevin Henderson
Salim Stoudamaire, SG, Arizona; Replacement: Jawann McClellan
Channing Frye, C, Arizona; Replacement: Kirk Walters
Ike Diogu, PF-C, Arizona State; Replacement: Sylvester Seay
David Lucas, PF, Oregon State; Replacement: Sasa Cuic
Dijon Thompson, F, UCLA; Replacement: Ryan Hollins
Nate Robinson, G, Washington; Replacement: Ryan Appleby
Tre Simmons, SG, Washington; Replacement: Brandon Roy
Kennedy Winston, SF, Alabama; Replacement: Jean Felix
David Lee, PF, Florida; Replacement: Chris Richard
Anthony Roberson, PG, Florida; Replacement: Taurean Green
Chuck Hayes, PF, Kentucky; Replacement: Rekalin Sims
Brandon Bass, F, LSU; Replacement: Tasmin Mitchell
Lawrence Roberts, PF, Mississippi State; Replacement: Charles Rhodes
Carlos Powell, F, South Carolina; Replacement: Antoine Tisby
Ronny Turiaf, PF, Gonzaga; Replacement: Sean Mallon
Taylor Coppenrath, PF, Vermont; Replacement: Josh Duell
TJ Sorrentine, PG, Vermont; Replacement: Mike Trimboli
Darren Brooks, PG, Southern Illinois; Replacement: Tony Young
Tiras Wade, G, Louisiana Lafayette; Replacement: Ross Mouton
Rawle Marshall, G, Oakland; Replacement: Ricardo Billings
Chet Mason, G, Miami (Ohio); Replacement: Josh Hausfield
Danny Horace, PF, Miami (Ohio); Replacement: Adam Fletcher
Juan Mendez, PF, Niagara; Replacement: Cliff Brown
Spencer Nelson, PF, Utah State; Replacement: Cass Matheus
Danny Granger, F, New Mexico; Replacement: Justin Holt
Andrew Bogut, C, Utah; Replacement: Luke Nevill


  1. Hey, what about Kelenna Azubuike, he was Kentucky's leading scorer last season, he is gonna need a pretty big replacement, and Crawford will probally get the job, hey losing the leading scorer of a College Basketball Powerhouse seems pretty important to me!1 Go Cats!

  2. I had him on my list when I first made it..I have no idea why he is not on the list right under Chuck Hayes; I must have forgotten him when I was typing it up.

  3. No Julius Hodge from NC State?

    2004 ACC Player of the Year and perhaps the 2nd best player (statistically) in the history of one the nation's most storied programs?

    This omission significantly impacts the credibility of your list.

  4. ^Scratch that. My eyesight stinks