Thursday, October 6, 2005

Mid-Major Top 25


The term "mid-major" has become fairly controversial over the past few years. Teams that are considered "mid-majors" find it offensive, as they believe they are on the same level as some of the teams in the major conferences. In addition, there is always some debate as to what conferences should be considered "mid-major". For my mid-major Top 25, which will be published at various points throughout the season, I've decided to use mainly only the teams that are going to be in ESPN's Bracket Buster (which doesn't include Gonzaga), as well as obvious mid-majors like Penn, etc. to make it easier and less debatable as to who is a mid-major and who isn't one.

1. Northern Iowa
2. Nevada
3. Creighton
4. Ohio
5. Old Dominion
6. Oral Roberts
7. Bucknell
8. UW-Milwaukee
9. Hofstra
10. Southern Illinois
11. Akron
12. George Mason
13. Western Kentucky
14. Cal State Fullerton
15. Davidson
16. Winthrop
17. Toledo
18. Eastern Kentucky
19. Utah State
20. Northern Illinois
21. Murray State
22. Pacific
23. St. Mary's (CA)
24. Missouri State
25. Penn

Others: Detroit, Portland, San Diego, Bradley, Louisiana Tech, Hawai'i


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  2. The Titans really get a lot of love from everybody, but they got absolutely pounded at K-State last night. What an awful performance. Bobby Brown tried to do too much and it all collapsed on them. I think the lose of Ralphy Holmes and King is going to hurt Fullerton early in the season but they could put something together down the stretch.

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