Friday, November 23, 2007

Friday, November 23rd Predictions

Prediction Record: 42-19 (ATS: 28-27)

Note: This is the first year I'm doing predictions with the spreads in parenthesis as opposed to just straight-up like I have done for the past two and a half seasons. I have received many e-mails suggesting I should make picks using betting lines in order to weed out some of the obvious games I predict. I also get feedback asking about my picks with the spread, so I figured I would try it out here for a few days to see if it generates positive or negative feedback.

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North Carolina State vs. South Carolina (+3): Prediction: North Carolina State 73, South Carolina 66
Southern Illinois vs. Mississippi State (+1): Prediction: Southern Illinois 64, Mississippi State 60
Syracuse vs. Washington (+4): Prediction: Syracuse 77, Washington 72
George Mason vs. Villanova (-2.5): Prediction: Villanova 72, George Mason 67
Xavier vs. Kent State (+7.5): Prediction: Xavier 71, Kent State 67
Ohio State vs. Texas A&M (Pick): Prediction: Texas A&M 73, Ohio State 69
New Mexico State vs. Texas (-9): Prediction: Texas 78, New Mexico State 69
Kansas State vs. UCF (+3.5): Prediction: Kansas State 71, UCF 64
Iowa vs. Bradley (-2.5): Prediction: Bradley 68, Iowa 60
Florida State at Florida (-9): Prediction: Florida 82, Florida State 70
Southern Miss at Alabama (-8): Prediction: Alabama 72, Southern Miss 66
Indiana vs. Illinois State (+9.5): Prediction: Indiana 82, Illinois State 68
BYU vs. Louisville (-5.5): Prediction: Louisville 79, BYU 71
Tennessee vs. West Virginia (+7.5): Prediction: Tennessee 86, West Virginia 75
Virginia Tech vs. Butler (-9): Prediction: Butler 64, Virginia Tech 50
Utah State vs. Vanderbilt (-12.5): Prediction: Vanderbilt 75, Utah State 63
Old Dominion vs. North Carolina (-16.5): Prediction: North Carolina 79, Old Dominion 65
Montana at Washington State (-15.5): Prediction: Washington State 70, Montana 59
Gonzaga vs. Texas Tech (+7): Prediction: Gonzaga 78, Texas Tech 67
USC vs. Miami (Ohio) (+5.5): Prediction: USC 66, Miami (Ohio) 62


  1. Just wanted to point out I'm 86% overall compared to your 69%, and 68% against the spread compared to your 51%.

    Just a little friendly sparring....haha.

  2. After going 17-3 overall yesterday, which I'm sure you didn't do, I'm now at 73%.

    I still am only .500 with the spread.

    By the way, Mississippi State has to go like, 25-2 the rest of the way to match your 27-4 prediction -- how's that working out for you?

  3. Lol and I've been right about how overrated Indiana is. No need for such a rude tone, I made it clear it was friendly. Chill the freak out.

  4. Yeah, Indiana is totally overrated -- they lost on a neutral court to a borderline top-25 team and future Atlantic-10 champion.

    So every team that has lost a game so far is overrated? They had a bad shooting night -- it happens.

  5. And you only select SEC games -- I pick every game that looks remotely competitive on paper. For example, you picked one game against the spread today -- I picked 15.

    And I'm 11-3 ATS today so far with Butler left.

  6. LOL you have such a inferiority complex. You're so paranoid ANYone might consider you not as good at something than someone else.

    It's funny to watch, really. And for the record, I pick every SEC game that has odds on it. And I don't care about the amount of games picked, the percentage is the important part.

    Grow up a bit, bud.

  7. Quantity doesn't matter at all when determining how good someone is at something?

    So a player that shoots 75% on four shots from the field is better than someone who shoots 69% on 40 shots from the field?

    Well, I mean, yeah, of course that's right...