Thursday, November 29, 2007

Thursday, November 29th Predictions

Prediction Record: 93-30 (ATS: 60-67)

Note: This is the first year I'm doing predictions with the spreads in parenthesis as opposed to just straight-up like I have done for the past two and a half seasons. I have received many e-mails suggesting I should make picks using betting lines in order to weed out some of the obvious games I predict. I also get feedback asking about my picks with the spread, so I figured I would try it out here for a few days to see if it generates positive or negative feedback. Feel free to leave a comment or shoot me an e-mail at

For a preview of these games and dozens of other games this week, check out The Week Ahead.

Drexel at George Mason (-7): Prediction: George Mason 70, Drexel 62
Gonzaga at Saint Joseph's (-2): Prediction: Saint Joseph's 74, Gonzaga 71
South Alabama at Vanderbilt (-11.5): Prediction: Vanderbilt 77, South Alabama 61
Oregon at Kansas State (-2.5): Prediction: Oregon 71, Kansas State 68
Oklahoma at USC (-6.5): Prediction: USC 68, Oklahoma 60

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