Monday, November 5, 2007

Preseason Top 25


1. Memphis
2. North Carolina
4. Kansas
5. Georgetown
6. Louisville
7. Tennessee
8. Michigan State
9. Washington State
10. Indiana
11. Marquette
12. Duke
13. Oregon
14. Arkansas
15. Texas A&M
16. Texas
17. Stanford
18. Gonzaga
19. Mississippi State
20. Kentucky
21. North Carolina State
22. USC
23. Syracuse
24. Arizona
25. Davidson

Also, March Madness All Season is involved in a College Basketball Blogger's Poll this season. It is simply a Top 25 compilation of several college basketball bloggers from a growing number of blogs across the country. As you will see in the attached link, I have changed my rankings since I originally voted, which was about a month ago. Also in the link is the complete Blogger's Poll and how each representative voted. It's an interesting link. We will be coming out with the rankings throughout the season, and more bloggers are hopping on-board everyday.

If you would like to join, check out March to Madness and get in contact with the person who runs the blog. Special thanks to him for getting everything coordinated and organized for the poll.

To have a look at the Preseason Blogger's Poll, click here.


  1. Great job man. Not buying the Davidson hype though.

  2. Understandable...but while I think that they will lose several games in the non-conference, the Wildcats are going to be a very solid mid-major team in the NCAA Tournament.

  3. Yeah, they have a very tough non-conference schedule including Duke, UNC, UCLA, and NC State. I think they'll lose all four of those games, but one could argue that will help prepare them for the NCAA Tournament.

  4. Your lack of knowledge of "mid-major" basketball is so obvious it's hysterical. Sticking Davidson in at 25th to go along with other misguided pre-season media hype is laughable. Both Butler and SIU (along with at least half the MVC) would roll up and smoke Davidson like the fat blunt you must have smoked before you wrote this crap.

    Keep up the great work though.

  5. I don't think Butler is as good as Southern Illinois, Davidson, or Xavier, so they were not in consideration for the last spot in my Top 25.

    SIU has a case to be better than Davidson, but I think the Wildcats are going to win at least one game in the NCAA Tournament this season. Butler, on the other hand, won't.