Monday, September 25, 2006

Biggest Shoes to Fill


Players leave their teams after every season, whether it be that his eligibility ran out or he took the early-entry route. It's the way that college basketball is. However, some missing players' impact on their old teams is bigger than others. This year, there is an obvious absence of several of the best players from the last few years. Who will replace them?

J.J. Redick, G, Duke; Replacement: DeMarcus Nelson
Shelden Williams, C, Duke; Replacement: Josh McRoberts
David Noel, F, North Carolina; Replacement: Brandan Wright
Craig Smith, F, Boston College; Replacement: Akida McClain
Alexander Johnson, C, Florida State; Replacement: Uche Echefu
Guillermo Diaz/Robert Hite, G, Miami (Fl.); Replacements: Jack McClinton, Denis Clemente
Curtis Withers, F, Charlotte; Replacement: E.J. Drayton
Brian Thornton, F, Xavier; Replacement: Josh Duncan
Steven Smith, F, LaSalle; Replacement: DaSean White
Mardy Collins, G, Temple; Replacement: Chris Clark
Carl Krauser, G, Pittsburgh; Replacement: Levance Fields
Gerry McNamara, G, Syracuse; Replacement: Paul Harris
Steve Novak, F, Marquette; Replacement: Dan Fitzgerald
Taquan Dean, G, Louisville; Replacement: Edgar Sosa
Randy Foye/Kyle Lowry/Allan Ray, G, Villanova; Replacements: Scottie Reynolds, Mike Nardi
Marcus Williams, G, Connecticut; Replacement: A.J. Price
Rudy Gay, F, Connecticut; Replacement: Stanley Robinson
Eric Hicks, F, Cincinnati; Replacement: Hernol Hall
Chris Quinn, G, Notre Dame; Replacement: Kyle McAlarney
Quincy Douby, G, Rutgers; Replacement: Courtney Nelson
Kevin Pittsnogle, F, West Virginia; Replacement: Jamie Smalligan
Mike Gansey, G, West Virginia; Replacement: Darris Nichols
P.J. Tucker, F, Texas; Replacement: Kevin Durant
LaMarcus Aldridge, C, Texas; Replacement: Matt Hill/Connor Atchley
Curtis Stinson/Will Blalock, G, Iowa State; Replacements: Corey McIntosh, Michael Taylor
Terence Dials, C, Ohio State; Replacement: Greg Oden
Dee Brown, G, Illinois; Replacement: Chester Frazier
James Augustine, F, Illinois; Replacement: Shaun Pruitt
Marco Kilingsworth, F, Indiana; Replacement: Mike White
Greg Brunner, F, Iowa; Replacement: Cyrus Tate
Daniel Horton, G, Michigan; Replacement: Jerret Smith
Maurice Ager, Shannon Brown, G, Michigan State; Replacements: Drew Neitzel, Raymar Morgan
Paul Davis, C, Michigan State; Replacement: Goran Suton/Drew Naymick/Tom Herzog
Vedran Vukusic, F, Northwestern; Replacement: Kevin Coble
Rodney Carney, F, Memphis; Replacement: Chris Douglas-Roberts
Shawne Williams, F, Memphis; Replacement: Robert Dozier
John Tofi, F, UTEP; Replacement: Victor Ramalho
Squeaky Johnson, G, UAB; Replacement: Andre White
Paul Miller, C, Wichita State; Replacement: Phillip Thomasson
Patrick O'Bryant, C, Bradley; Replacement: Zach Andrews
Ben Jacobson, G, Northern Iowa; Replacement: Travis Brown
Marcus Slaughter, F, San Diego State; Replacement: Jerome Habel
Justin Williams, C, Wyoming; Replacement: Daaron Brown
Louis Admundson, F, UNLV; Replacement: Joel Anthony
Hassan Adams, F, Arizona; Replacement: Chase Budinger
Jordan Farmar, G, UCLA; Replacement: Darren Collison
Brandon Roy, G, Washington; Replacement: Adrian Oliver/Ryan Appleby
Leon Powe, F, Michigan; Replacement: Ryan Anderson
Chris Hernandez, G, Stanford; Replacement: Mitch Johnson
Matt Haryasz, F, Stanford; Replacement: Brook Lopez
C.J. Watson, G, Tennessee; Replacement: Ramar Smith
Tyrus Thomas, F, LSU; Replacement: Magnum Rolle/Darnell Lazare
Darrell Mitchell, G, LSU; Replacement: Tack Minor
Rajon Rondo, G, Kentucky; Replacement: Ramel Bradley
Ronnie Brewer, G/F, Arkansas; Replacement: Sonny Weems
Paul Millsap, F, Louisiana Tech; Replacement: Chad McKenzie
Adam Morrison, F, Gonzaga; Replacement: Micah Downs
J.P. Batista, F/C, Gonzaga; Replacement: Josh Heytvelt
Keydren Clark, G, St. Peter's; Replacement: Kaimondre Owes
Brandon Polk, F, Butler; Replacement: Brian Ligon
Jai Lewis, F, George Mason; Replacement: Louis Birdsong
Christian Maraker, C, Pacific; Replacement: Anthony Brown
Kenny Adeleke, F, Hartford; Replacement: Alex Zimnickas
Andre Collins, G, Loyola (Md.); Replacement: Marquis Sullivan
Steve Burtt/Ricky Soliver, G, Iona; Replacements: Steve Hailey, Andre Tarver
Brion Rush, G, Grambling State; Replacement: Emmanuel Calloway
Alan Daniels, F, Lamar; Replacement: Blake Whittle
Yemi Nicholson, C, Denver; Replacement: Adam Tanner
Harding Nana, F, Delaware; Replacement: Rapheal Madera
Jose Juan Barea, G, Northeastern; Replacement: Adrian Martinez


  1. Just an FYI, Andre Tarver isn't playing at Iona this season, he didn't qualify academically.

  2. Oh really? I saw him on several rosters for them, so I figured he was playing.

    Thank you for the update. I apologize.

  3. Another FYI, DeSean White left La Salle and tranferred to Delaware, where he will be eligible in 2007-08.

  4. Yeah, I figured that out last week when I saw him walking around on campus, haha.

  5. Who's going to replace Sommerville and O'Bryant?

    How bad are the Hen's going to be this year with Harding gone? Was Henderson THAT bad a coach or is the program just that bad. I have them as being a 5 or 6 win team if that.

  6. Delaware will likely finish last in the Colonial. Henderson was an awful coach--they had no sort of offensive system whatsoever.

    Harding's replacement, Madera, is slow and methodical. He's awkward with the ball and on defense.

    Calvin Cannon and Zaire Taylor are going to have to carry them on the perimeter this season.

  7. Jeff,

    Ralph Madera as Nana's replacement? and you go to the UD? Look for Courtney to step in and offer production with Matt Hewson getting more minutes this year than Madera.

  8. Hewson is not going to get more minutes than Madera. He's very awkward with his footwork and he's not very useful outside of his height.

    Courtney is going to have another solid year, but they are going to have to have someone besides him to fill Nana's shoes.