Saturday, September 30, 2006

Conference Rankings


1. SEC
2. ACC
3. Big East
4. Pac-10
5. Big Ten
6. Big 12
7. Missouri Valley
8. Mountain West
9. Atlantic-10
10. Colonial
11. WAC
12. Conference-USA
13. Mid-American
14. West Coast
15. Big West
16. Horizon
17. MAAC
18. Sun Belt
19. Southern
20. Big South
21. Mid-Continent
22. Ivy
23. Ohio Valley
24. Patriot
25. Big Sky
26. America East
27. Southland
28. Northeast
29. Atlantic Sun
30. MEAC
31. SWAC


  1. I don't think you are giving the Big 12 enough credit. They have an extremely legitimate national championship contendor in Kansas. Texas A&M, Oklahoma State, and Texas are going to be solid teams all likely to spend some good time in the top 25 throughout the season. Texas Tech could be good. Kansas State will have a lot of potential and will be interesting to see with their new look. Down but not out is Oklahoma. Colorado, Iowa State, Nebraska, Baylor, and Missouri (in that order) are weak and will close out the basement and probably look pretty bad while doing it.

  2. I'd put the Big 12 at #1 or 2, behind the SEC.

  3. The Big 12 at #1 or #2? Really? They have the worst bottom four of any major conference, and they only have two definite Top 15 teams. Texas is very young, and Oklahoma State and Kansas State were NIT teams last season. After those five, I don't see another NCAA team, either.

  4. You have the Big 12 right were they should be.

  5. I'd at least have the Big 12 over the Big 10, I think their bottom 4 is worse. Also I have confidence in Oklahoma St and Kansas St to pull together. I see 6 to 7 tourney teams.

  6. 6 or 7 tourney teams? That means either Oklahoma or Baylor would have to make it for 7...and Texas Tech for 6? That's not going to happen.

    And how is Iowa, Penn State, Northwestern, and Minnesota worse than Iowa State, Colorado, Missouri, and Nebraska?

  7. What do you mean it's not going to happen? Were you given the godly college basketball crystal ball? We're all making predictions here. I think that Texas Tech and Kansas St will make it 5 and 6, and Oklahoma might for #7. Right now I have 6. Just because I'm predicting different than you doesnt mean I'm wrong.

  8. i'm having a little trouble seeing the pac 10 as a top 5 conference. washington and arizona have seperated themselves from the rest of the league, but i'm not quite sure what to think of the rest. it seems the pac 10 is always highly touted, but never seems to live up to expectations.

  9. yeah, washington and Arizona have really seperated themselves from the conference. Oh except there is that school with 11 championships in basketball, what's their name again? Oh yeah UCLA. Another thing, they underachieve? UCLA made the finals last year after many said they didn't even deserve a 2 seed. They beat Gonzaga, Memphis and LSU to get to the finals, 3 very quality teams. And as for the rest of the Pac-10, USC will be good when they get Pruitt back and Cal even losing Powe will be really good with Hardin in the middle. Oregon also can always get hot from the outside and knock off anyone