Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Position Rankings: Top Centers


Complete Rankings: PG SG SF PF C

1. Tyler Hansbrough, North Carolina
2. Glen Davis, LSU
3. Joakim Noah, Florida
4. Nick Fazekas, Nevada
5. Aaron Gray, Pittsburgh
6. Joseph Jones, Texas A&M
7. Jermareo Davidson, Alabama
8. Roy Hibbert, Georgetown
9. Jason Smith, Colorado State
10. Rashaun Freeman, Massachusetts
11. Josh McRoberts, Duke
12. Randolph Morris, Kentucky
13. Ian Vouyoukas, Saint Louis
14. Dwayne Curtis, Mississippi
15. Courtney Sims, Michigan
16. Ra’Sean Dickey, Georgia Tech
17. Craig Bradshaw, Winthrop
18. Randall Hanke, Providence
19. Aleks Maric, Nebraska
20. David Padgett, Louisville
21. Jeff Pendergraph, Arizona State
22. Brian Butch, Wisconsin
23. Joey Dorsey, Memphis
24. Chris McNaughton, Bucknell
25. Devon Hardin, California

1. Greg Oden, Ohio State
2. Spencer Hawes, Washington
3. Derrick Caracter, Louisville
4. Haseem Thabeet, Connecticut
5. Brook Lopez/Robin Lopez, Stanford


  1. You're a doosh. If Glen Davis is a center then why is Coleman Collins not? Explain that one, doosh.

  2. Dude, although I respect the hard work that has been put into this webpage, these lists are completely out of whack. Noah is easily the best center in the game. He was going to be the number one overall pick....duh. And Roy Hibbert is better than Josh McRoberts? Give me a break.

  3. I don't make my rankings out of where they are going to be drafted. That's why this is a college basketball website, not an NBA Draft site.

    And Hibbert has shown a lot more than McRoberts has so far in their respective careers. McRoberts has more potential, though.

  4. i usually stay out of message boards but when i see someone say that noah is the best player in the game and the easy number 1 pick i feel compelled to write. that has to be one of the more stupid things i have ever seen. a few good games in march does not a superstar make (ask mateen cleaves, donald williams, mike dunleavy, juan dixon, sean may, bryant reeves, corliss williamson, miles simon, etc., etc.) it's likely you don't who several of these players are, and that's exactly my point. noah is very good, the best player in college, however, is a big leap. also, as a unc fan, it pains me to say, but anyone who thinks hibbert is better than mcroberts is too young (or too stupid) to realize that last year's ppg average doesn't predict overall ability. mcroberts is nasty and everyone will know this by january.

  5. Right now, what has McRoberts shown that makes him better than Hibbert?

    And I know who all of those players are that you mentioned, but thanks, anonymous.

  6. Jeff I agree with you that Hibbert may dominate. That also does not mean that he will score more than McRoberts, but that is a product of the Georgetown offense (see jeff green). He took apart Ohio State's highly rated center last year in the tournament, not to mention playing very well as the year went on. Also, he is going to anchor what will be a ferocious and athletic defense. Patrick Ewing Jr., Jeff Green and Hibbert as a frontline. I'd be paranoid to go inside.

  7. Oden is not ranked as the number 1 center, when he was predicted to be the number 1 (or 2) overall player on everybody's NBA Draft list all year? You're a dumbass.

  8. Actually, in terms of college basketball, Joakim Noah and Al Horford are two of the better players in the league, along with Tyler Hansbrough. Noah is just about everywhere around the ball, and is so good defensively. He can block shots, grab rebounds like nothing, and is one of the best finishers around the rim in the nation. He's like a pest that doesn't go away; you could put two guys around him and he could still find a way to put that ball in the basket. With that said, not having above Glen Davis is a complete travesty, especially when LSU did not make the NIT. And don't give me the they have no talent thing, because Garrett Temple was the guy that shut down Redick in last year's NCAAs, and Tasmin Mitchell was ranked by ESPN's Chad Ford as one of the top shooting guards in college basketball. They do have talent, they just underachieved. Plus, Noah and Horford are great passers, and they defend very well without fouling. Florida has the fastest frontcourt in college basketball, and you will see Monday night two of the top interior defenses (sorry Georgetown) in the country for the title game. (Oh, Chris Richard is another good Florida player, he doesn't see minutes because he backs up Horford and Noah, but he is another good tough player that can finish around the rim and shoot a high percentage while taking quality shots, and Ohio State's Othello Hunter is a fast, active big man that is flying under the radar, and should be considered for a top 25 list should he perform well tonight for 2008's list.)