Monday, September 25, 2006

Non-Conference Games to Watch


This season is full of great non-conference games. Many would be surprised to see so many contests between Top 10-15 teams. However, there is not a fan out there that would complain about the amount of high-quality games on this season's slate. Moreover, there are also dozens of games between potential NCAA Tournament teams and quality mid-major squads. Nearly every night, you can sit down and watch a game between NCAA-caliber clubs.

Week of November 6-November 12
Arizona at Virginia (Sunday)

Week of November 13-November 19
BYU at UCLA (Wednesday)
Wichita State at George Mason (Saturday)

Week of November 20-26
Florida State at Pittsburgh (Friday)
Florida vs. Kansas--in Las Vegas (Saturday)
Wichita State at LSU (Saturday)
George Mason at Creighton (Saturday)

Week of November 27-December 3
Florida State at Wisconsin (Tuesday)
Maryland at Illinois (Tuesday)
Indiana at Duke (Tuesday)
Ohio State at North Carolina (Wednesday)
Michigan State at Boston College (Wednesday)
Oregon at Georgetown (Wednesday)
Kansas State at California (Wednesday)
Georgetown at Duke (Saturday)
Illinois at Arizona (Saturday)
Kentucky at North Carolina (Saturday)
Texas vs. Gonzaga--in Phoenix (Saturday)
Wichita State at Syracuse (Saturday)
Kansas at DePaul (Saturday)
Nevada at California (Saturday)
Florida at Florida State (Sunday)

Week of December 4-December 10
Winthrop at Wisconsin (Monday)
Oklahoma State vs. Syracuse--in New York City (Tuesday)
Louisville vs. Arizona--in New York City (Tuesday)
Texas A&M at LSU (Tuesday)
Memphis at Tennessee (Wednesday)
UCLA at Texas A&M--in Anaheim (Saturday)
Xavier at Creighton (Saturday)
Wisconsin at Marquette (Saturday)
Arizona at San Diego State (Saturday)
Kentucky at Indiana (Saturday)
LSU at Texas (Sunday)

Week of December 11-December 17
Pittsburgh at Wisconsin (Saturday)
Kentucky at Louisville (Saturday)
Houston at Arizona (Sunday)
Southern Illinois at Indiana (Sunday)

Week of December 18-December 24
LSU at Washington (Wednesday)
Memphis at Arizona (Wednesday)
Gonzaga vs. Duke--in New York City (Thursday)
Pittsburgh at Oklahoma State (Thursday)
Hofstra at Syracuse (Friday)
Georgia Tech at Georgia (Friday)
Ohio State at Florida (Saturday)
Boston College at Kansas (Saturday)
Michigan at UCLA (Saturday)
Texas at Tennessee (Saturday)
California at DePaul (Saturday)

Week of December 25-December 31
Illinois at Xavier (Friday)
Georgetown at Michigan (Saturday)
Wisconsin at Georgia (Sunday)

Week of January 1-January 7
Gonzaga at Virginia (Wednesday)
Kansas State at Xavier (Wednesday)
Connecticut at LSU (Saturday)

Week of January 8-January 14
Tennessee at Ohio State (Saturday)

Week of January 15-January 21
Texas at Villanova (Saturday)
Indiana at Connecticut (Saturday)

Week of January 22-January 28
North Carolina at Arizona (Saturday)

Week of January 29-February 4

Week of February 5-February 11
Connecticut at Georgia Tech (Sunday)

Week of February 12-February 18
Washington at Pittsburgh (Saturday)
Memphis at Gonzaga (Saturday)


2K Sports College Hoops Classic (Teams of Interest: Michigan State, Maryland, St. John's, Texas)
Preseason NIT (Teams of Interest: Indiana, Tennessee, Winthrop, North Carolina, Gonzaga)
Paradise Jam (Teams of Interest: Alabama, Xavier, Villanova)
CBE Classic (Teams of Interest: Stanford, Duke, Marquette, Texas Tech, Akron, Air Force)
Maui Invitational (Teams of Interest: Memphis, Georgia Tech, DePaul, Kentucky, UCLA)
ESPNU Classic (Teams of Interest: Arkansas, Marist, Southern Illinois, Virginia Tech)

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  1. Wow! That's really all you can say after looking at that list of non-conference games.

    I can't wait for the Maui Invitational and Preseason NIT. Those two just signify the start of college hoops.

    I'll also be glued to the TV (or in the stands) for Syracuse/Okie St. and Pitt/Okie St.

    Good stuff man.