Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Coach K and Roy Williams Exchange Fightin' Words

As if North Carolina and Duke wasn't a juicy enough rivalry, it seems that Duke head coach Mike Krzyzewski and his UNC counterpart, Roy Williams, are embroiled in a little bit of a verbal tussle.

As the laundry list of injuries to various North Carolina players grew larger and more public, Krzyzewski said that the Tar Heels weren't the only ones with injuries -- just the only ones to disclose them to the press. During a post-game interview after Duke's loss to Wake Forest, Coach K commented on Nolan Smith and his hyper-extended knee. "Nolan hyper-extended his knee at Maryland and has been dealing with that since - and unlike other schools we don’t release our injuries - so I thought he played a strong game tonight," he said.

Not surprisingly, Williams took offense to that comment on his weekly radio show. "Regardless of what somebody else says about they have injuries too -- which is a bunch of bunk -- so I don't give a crap what somebody else says. Coach their own damn team, I'll coach my team. In case anybody has heard some statements about that."

No, Williams didn't point out Coach K by name, and vice-versa, but I'm pretty sure you can fill in the blanks. By the way, the rematch is March 8 in Durham.

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