Saturday, January 16, 2010

BREAKING NEWS: Austin Rivers injures ankle, undecided for college

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. -- A gym that had erupted in cheers from many of Austin Rivers’ exploits throughout the day suddenly went silent with the highly-touted 2011 guard crumpled to the floor in pain.

In the fourth quarter of Winter Park’s win over Gonzaga College High School (D.C.), Rivers went down after getting his heel stepped on from behind. He was writhing in pain, grabbing his knee. Rivers was carried off the court, in visible pain.

It was an ugly scene, and many onlookers expected the worst: a knee injury, or a torn ACL.

However, that was thankfully not the case.

After the game, Austin’s father, Boston Celtics head coach Doc Rivers, said the injury was a sprained left ankle.

“When I saw him on the floor, I knew it was pretty bad,” Rivers said. “I saw him grab higher than his ankle, and I was concerned.”

When Austin Rivers went to the trainer’s table, they taped his ankle, but he was unable to walk on it. After the game, Rivers left on crutches.

“He was mad because he got hurt,” Doc Rivers said. “But he’ll be okay. We don’t [the extent of the injury] yet, but hopefully he’ll be okay.”

Rivers’ recruitment has been a well-publicized one, as he verbally committed to Florida but has since expressed high interest in Duke.

Doc Rivers said that his son has not made up his mind yet.

“Right now he’s undecided, but Florida and Duke are still the two he’s look at it,” Rivers said. “Each day you ask him, it’s something different. I think he doesn’t know right now.”

He added that Austin plans on going to a Duke game pretty soon, but is not sure of the exact date.


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  2. Wow. Neither of those comments has anything remotely to do with college basketball. Yikes!

    Anyway, here's a video of the dunk Rivers had: