Monday, March 19, 2007

Odds and Ends

Starting tomorrow, I will have a complete Sweet Sixteen preview, broken down region-by-region. It will include players to watch, favorites and sleepers, and much more.

Also, how is everyone's bracket doing? Yes, I know my bracket has been awful so far (as many of you have told me), and it is actually my career-worst, when you see the fact that I got only 22 first-round games and 10 second-games correct. If you use the typical one point for each first round win and two points for each second-round victory, I would have 42 points. How is everyone else's doing?

Moreover, I'm never going to go against my "gut" again. In the bracket I made as the teams were being announced, I got 24 first-round games and 13 second-round games correct. So much for research actually helping you. Always go with your gut.

1 comment:

  1. 49 right now. Your bracket was useful but in the end I don't know how much I used of it. The 5 seeds are killing me. Should have listened about USC, I had Texas in the 8. UNLV > George Tech hurt me but not as much as UNLV > Wisconsin hurt others. I went with my own gut towards the end of my bracket. I'm hoping for early exits by Kansas and Ohio State. Wish me luck. (Go Gators)