Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Teams Most Likely to be Busts


When filling out your bracket, there are always those higher-seeded teams that are going to be upset early and ruin your predictions. It would be nice to know which clubs are the ones bowing out in the first couple of rounds. Teams that struggled down the stretch or have inflated records are prime examples of these types of busts. Here are the top five potentially overrated squads:

Wisconsin: The Badgers were on my short list of Final Four contenders all season, but the injury to Brian Butch and their offensive struggles will hurt them. Alando Tucker can only carry them so far, and it won’t be that far this March.

Duke: The Blue Devils have struggled all season against quick perimeter groups that can spread them out and drive. Unfortunately for them, VCU is that type of team. Duke’s lack of athletes at both ends will be their downfall.

Pittsburgh: The Panthers are still a threat to make a run, but they just don’t impress me anymore. Aaron Gray didn’t play well in the Big East Tournament, and they don’t have any go-to-guys offensively. Don’t bet the farm on this team.

Washington State: The Cougars were another team I liked all season. However, they lack any sort of frontcourt production, and their offense is not explosive. A team that can exploit their weaknesses can knock them off.

Butler: Everyone’s early-season Cinderella pick, the Bulldogs have struggled lately, and don’t come into the Dance on a high note. Moreover, they don’t have many offensive options, and will struggle if A.J. Graves isn’t hitting his shots.


  1. good information, ill keep these teams from advancing on my bracket for sure. also, i found this site that has a college basketball category:


  2. I think that pitsburgh will pull trough enough to beat wright street, but i'm not sure if they will make it very far. I think they just need to step up there game a little more.