Monday, March 12, 2007

Top 10 Trios


In addition to a solid inside-outside combo, which many teams have, the thing that sets apart the elite from the also-rans is that third option. Opponents can set up a game plan to shut down the top two players, but it is nearly impossible to contain a solid troika. Here are the Top 10 trios heading into March Madness ((Note: I only took groups that had a mix of inside and outside--hence why Oregon and UCLA didn't make the list):

1. Florida: Taurean Green, Al Horford, Joakim Noah (Combined numbers: 38.4 ppg, 19.6 rpg, 8.1 apg)
2. Kansas: Mario Chalmers, Brandon Rush, Julian Wright (Combined numbers: 38.2 ppg, 16.9 rpg, 7.2 apg)
3. North Carolina: Wayne Ellington, Brandan Wright, Tyler Hansbrough (Combined numbers: 45.2 ppg, 16.8 rpg, 4.2 apg)
4. Texas: D.J. Augustin, A.J. Abrams, Kevin Durant (Combined numbers: 55.5 ppg, 16.5 rpg, 9.5 apg)
5. Nevada: Ramon Sessions, Marcelus Kemp, Nick Fazekas (Combined numbers: 51.3 ppg, 20.3 rpg, 8.8 apg)
6. Texas A&M: Acie Law, Antanas Kavaliauskas, Joseph Jones (Combined numbers: 43.6 ppg, 16.2 rpg, 8.3 apg)
7. Boston College: Tyrese Rice, Sean Marshall, Jared Dudley (Combined numbers: 51.0 ppg, 16.1 rpg, 10.4 apg)
8. Arizona: Mustafa Shakur, Marcus Williams, Ivan Radenovic (Combined numbers: 44.0 ppg, 18.5 rpg, 11.2 apg)
9. Ohio State: Mike Conley, Ron Lewis, Greg Oden (Combined numbers: 37.7 ppg, 16.3 rpg, 8.4 apg)
10. Kentucky: Ramel Bradley, Joe Crawford, Randolph Morris (Combined numbers: 43.8 ppg, 15.5 rpg, 7.2 apg)

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