Monday, March 12, 2007

Top 10 Go-to-Guys


Every national championship teams has that one player that they can go to with the game on the line and he will come through in the clutch. Carmelo Anthony was that guy for Syracuse when he was a freshman; Connecticut had Ben Gordon three seasons ago; and UNC rode Sean May in the title game two years back. Florida was an anomaly with a balanced distribution last season, but someone who can score down the stretch is an important ingredient in March. Here are the top 10 go-to-guys in the country:

Remember, this is NOT a ranking of the top players in the country. It is merely a ranking of their dependability in crunch time.

1. Acie Law, Texas A&M: Arguably the most clutch player in college basketball. Can shoot and drive with ease.
2. Kevin Durant, Texas: Can score in a variety of ways, and is near unstoppable due to his length and athleticism.
3. Alando Tucker, Wisconsin: Might be the best scorer outside of Durant. Has great body control when shooting.
4. Arron Afflalo, UCLA: Has come up big in numerous games this year. Can score both inside and outside.
5. Sean Singletary, Virginia: If he gets hot from deep, it's over. He is also very good and getting into the lane for points.
6. Chris Lofton, Tennessee: If you need a three to tie the game, there is no one I'd rather have than Lofton down the stretch.
7. Aaron Brooks, Oregon: Hit several game-winning shots this year, and can get into the lane against most defenders.
8. Drew Neitzel, Michigan State: Is a great competitor, and has single-handedly kept MSU in games this year.
9. Zabian Dowdell, Virginia Tech: Really stepped up in his senior season. Can shoot the three, and drive to the goal.
10. Tyler Hansbrough, North Carolina: Is relentless around the rim, and is also a very good free-throw shooter.

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