Friday, October 12, 2007

Conference Rankings


1. Pac-10
2. Big East
3. SEC
4. ACC
5. Big 12
6. Big Ten
7. Atlantic-10
8. Conference-USA
9. Missouri Valley
10. Colonial
11. Mountain West
12. WAC
13. West Coast
14. Horizon
15. Big West
16. Southern
17. Mid-American
18. Sun Belt
19. MAAC
20. Summit
21. Big Sky
22. Patriot
23. America East
24. Ivy
25. Big South
26. Ohio Valley
27. Southland
28. Northeast
29. Atlantic Sun
30. MEAC
31. SWAC

March Madness All Season will publish its conference previews in reverse order. The 31st-ranked conference, the Southwestern Athletic Conference, will kick things off Monday.


  1. Of course you'd rank the SEC third. Ridiculous. The SEC has finished 1st in RPI the past 5 years in a row and going.

  2. wait, then wouldn't you expect him to pick the SEC first?

  3. shutup, kurt, ya redneck.

  4. Says the poster who's too afraid to even reveal his/her identity. Pathetic.

  5. Atlantic 10 7th? How do you figure?

  6. Do you think the A-10 should be higher or lower?

  7. Lower, given that it's been a one bid conference the last few years. Talking it over with some other fans though, it looks like the A-10 has some good teams this year. I guess I'll have to stay tuned for the preview here.

  8. Yes, they have been down lately, but the MVC is not as strong as it has been in the past two seasons, and the A-10 has very good teams at the top in Xavier and St. Joe's, and several quality teams in the middle-of-the-pack.

    Conference-USA has a very solid Top 4 or 5, but it takes a hit after that.

  9. The Horizon League 14th? After the WCC?!? WTF mate?

    Look for the HL to finish higher than it did last year (12th, 10th in non-conf RPI). It looks even stronger this year as a whole than it did last year at this time.

  10. Funny how Jeff ignores my SEC comment. Hmmm....

  11. So Kurt, why isn't Florida #1 in every pre-seaon poll this year since they've won it all the last two years? Ya freakin' tard...

  12. Complaining about this is just silly. When ranking conferences, it is more a question of who has the most bad teams vs who has the most good ones. One poster, above, noted the Horizon League; true you have Butler that will be in the Top 20 all season, but you also have Youngstown State who after being pretty bad a season ago suffered graduation attrition and are likely to be one of the worst teams in the country.

    How do you balance that out? There is so much prediction variation for each individual team, ranking the conferences discreetly is, in effect, impossible. I think CHN would be better served presenting conference tiers. For example, you might have the Pac 10, ACC, and Big East in Tier 1 (and so on). Ranking the conference within these tiers is pointless.

  13. Kurt...I'm not ignoring your SEC comment, I'm just ignoring you in general.

    You comment on every post that does not glorify the SEC in all its greatness, and say that I'm biased, ridiculous, or something else.

    Why don't you go put four Mississippi State players on your All-SEC teams? Oh wait, you did.

    Ben Hansbrough...right.

  14. nice job jeff. i think the acc is going to be a top 3 conference this year. i like the a-10 at 7th (watch out for them).

    good work.

  15. Hey, thanks for ranking the MWC 11th! I can agree with that.