Monday, October 1, 2007

Position Rankings: Top Small Forwards


Complete Rankings: PG SG SF PF C

1. Brandon Rush, Kansas
2. Chase Budinger, Arizona
3. Chris Douglas-Roberts, Memphis
4. Lawrence Hill, Stanford
5. Terrence Williams, Louisville
6. Shan Foster, Vanderbilt
7. Gavin Grant, North Carolina State
8. Justin Hawkins, New Mexico State
9. Robert Vaden, UAB
10. Malik Hairston, Oregon
11. Alex Harris, UC Santa Barbara
12. DeMarcus Nelson, Duke
13. Tasmin Mitchell, LSU
14. C.J. Anderson, Xavier
15. Raymar Morgan, Michigan State
16. Charron Fisher, Niagara
17. Tommie Liddell, Saint Louis
18. Geary Claxton, Penn State
19. Geoff McDermott, Providence
20. Mike Cook, Pittsburgh
21. Wesley Matthews, Marquette
22. Alonzo Gee, Alabama
23. Bill Walker, Kansas State
24. Quincy Pondexter, Washington
25. Jonathan Rodriguez, Campbell

Top Five Freshmen
1. Donte Greene, Syracuse
2. Kyle Singler, Duke
3. Chandler Parson, Florida
4. James Anderson, Oklahoma State
5. Jamelle Horne, Arizona

Photo Credit: ESPN


  1. Brian Laing????

    2nd team all Big East last year, top returning scorer in the conference.

  2. He was actually the last person I left off, to be honest. I think his numbers are going to go down this season because he has more help offensively.

    I still think he is one of the most underrated players in the Big East, though.

  3. That is a good point because he definetly has a lot more offensive help this season. He still should put up big numbers though.

    Good thing you didn't forget about him like most other people do.

    You put in a ton of time to this site and do a great job.

  4. No Gerald Henderson from Duke? Do you promise to apologize for leaving him off after he dominates this year?

  5. No, because Henderson is not going to start and therefore won't be dominating too much.

    Singler and King are going to take minutes from him, too.

  6. Gerald Henderson is not that great, the only thing he really has going for him is athleticism

  7. Its a good list but CJ anderson above Tommie Liddell?? Tommie is extremely versatile and he has to carry a bigger load because he has less help.

  8. You say that Henderson will not start, what do you base that on? As a duke season ticket holder I can promise you that Gerald will start, as will Singler. You say that King will take minutes from him? We all love King, but he is not ready to play Duke Defense, he will get time but not a ton. Hope I dont sound rude, but I can promise you that Henderson will play a ton and be one of the best players, behind only Kyle Singler, and possible Demarcus.

  9. if gavin grant could limit his turnovers then he could be up there in the top three

  10. what about Anthony Mason jr from st johns the guy is gonna go off this year and average around 17 and 7

  11. gavin grant needs to fall a little bit and mcneal needs to move up and raymar morgan needs to move up and bill walker needs to move up.