Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Non-BCS Top 25

As I’ve mentioned several times before on this site, I don’t like the term “mid-major” at all—there is too much gray area when people want to know which conferences and teams it is referring to. Therefore, when discussing the teams outside of the major conferences, I like to use the term “Non-BCS.” Yes, it’s a football term, but it’s much easier than calling the poll the “Every Conference but the Big Six Top 25.” As a result, this is what I have done. Every team and conference that is not the ACC, Big East, Big 12, Big Ten, Pac-10, and SEC is eligible for this poll. The easy way out? Sure. But there was no easy way to rank the Top 25 teams outside the Big Six conferences.
For more on these teams, check out their respective conference previews coming next week, or the "Mid-Major Sleepers to Watch" article.
1. Memphis
2. Davidson
3. Gonzaga
4. Southern Illinois
5. Xavier
6. Butler
7. VCU
8. UAB
9. St. Joseph’s
10. George Mason
11. New Mexico State
12. Southern Miss
13. BYU
14. Bradley
15. Rhode Island
16. Saint Louis
17. Houston
18. Western Kentucky
19. Creighton
20. Nevada
21. Saint Mary’s
22. Missouri State
23. Utah State
24. Loyola (Md.)
25. Austin Peay
Others Considered: Cal State Fullerton, UC Santa Barbara, Winthrop, UNLV, San Diego State, Utah, New Mexico, Dayton, Illinois State, Western Michigan, Akron, Kent State, South Alabama
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  1. I sincerely hope that Butler draws Davidson in the Bracketbuster event this year, it's pretty amazing all the praise being thrown at that team. They have accomplished nothing!!!

  2. Which team are you saying has accomplished nothing?

  3. "Which team are you saying has accomplished nothing?"

    The team that hasn't advanced past the 1st Round of the NCAA Tournament since 1969!!!!

  4. Furthermore, the team that had it's season ended in a 70-82 loss to a Maryland team that was controlled from the start and defeated by Butler in the very next round 62-59.

    You add into the equation the drastically superior additions to the program that the Bulldogs had in comparison to the Wildcats, there is simply no comparison - Butler is far more deserving of whatever praise it receives.

    Heck, I'd argue that VCU deserves more than Davidson.

  5. You're right, Davidson has accomplished nothing in the 2007-08 season. But let me point out the obvious: nobody else, not even Butler, has either.

    Could that be why they call them PRESEASON polls?

    These lists aren't about what's been accomplished, they're about what Jeff thinks will happen.

    Yes, yes, last year Butler -- and VCU -- lasted longer than we did in the NCAA's. But that was LAST YEAR. Since then, Butler lost a couple of starters; we didn't lose any. And Stephen Curry grew two inches, bulked up, and played on the USA U-19 team.

    Just a guess: that's why Jeff has us predicted to do better than the dogs and the sheep.

  6. It appears that the Butler fan could use some warm milk followed by a nap.

  7. Any Poll like this with Winthrop not included in the top 15 is not worth reading, unfortunately, I did so.

  8. Dayton not be included in that is ludicrous...maybe someone should do some more research

  9. How exactly was Davidson controlled from the start by Maryland when Davidson had an eight-point lead early in the second half?

  10. FORDHAM is the 2nd best team in the A10

  11. Memphis deserves more respect.They've advanced from this stage.