Friday, October 5, 2007

Player Rankings: Mid-Major Stars


Note: Excludes only BCS teams; limit one player per team.

Conferences Ranked No. 7-14 (Atlantic-10, Conference-USA, Missouri Valley, Colonial, Mountain West, WAC, West Coast, Horizon)

Chris Douglas-Roberts, Memphis: One of the best wings in the country; difficult to stop.
Eric Maynor, VCU: Fearless scorer is one of the best point guards in the country.

Josh Heytvelt, Gonzaga: Returns after suspension; immediately one of best centers around.
Jaycee Carroll, Utah State: Terrific shooter and scorer is one of best players in the West.
Marcelus Kemp, Nevada: Without Nick Fazekas, will have to shoulder the load for Wolf Pack.

Antoine Agudio, Hofstra: Without Loren Stokes, Agudio takes over all the scoring responsibilities.
A.J. Graves, Butler: Can shoot the ball from deep, and is a terrific competitor.
Drew Lavender, Xavier: Diminutive point guard makes the Musketeers go.
Daniel Ruffin, Bradley: Leads active players in career assists, and can also score.
Brian Roberts, Dayton: One of the best under-the-radar players around; very accurate shooter.
Maureece Rice, George Washington: Looking to rebound from awful NCAA Tournament performance.
Dionte Christmas, Temple: Very efficient scorer went through a slump late in the season.
Justin Hawkins, New Mexico State: Very good all-around player leads the favorites in the WAC.
Robert Vaden, UAB: Indiana transfer is immediately one of the best players in Conference-USA.
Tommie Liddell, Saint Louis: Versatile wing can produce in several different categories.
Randal Falker, Southern Illinois: Very good defensive player and rebounder can also finish well.
Will Daniels, Rhode Island: One of the best in the Atlantic-10, Daniels can score with the best.
Luke Nevill, Utah: The next Andrew Bogut is one of the most accurate shooters in the game.
Trent Plaisted, BYU: Needs to become the go-to-guy that he has the talent to be.
Ahmad Nivins, St. Joseph’s: Arguably the best player in the conference, Nivins is tough to stop.
Eric Coleman, Northern Iowa: Without Grant Stout, he will see more attention from defenses.
Bryant Dunston, Fordham: Terrific defensive player is one of the best big men in the A-10.
Diamon Simpson, Saint Mary’s: Very good all-around player might be the best in the WCC.
Frank Elegar, Drexel: Best big man in the Colonial; needs to carry Dragons this year.
Will Thomas, George Mason: The UConn-killer from Mason’s Final Four run, Thomas is solid.
Jeremy Wise, Southern Mississippi: Best mid-major freshman last season returns with postseason hopes.

Conferences Ranked No. 15-No. 31

Courtney Lee, Western Kentucky: Can score in a variety of ways, making him tough to defend.
Bo McCalebb, New Orleans: Declared for the NBA Draft, but came back; can do it all.
Alex Harris, UC Santa Barbara: Big-time scorer is one of the best shooters around.
Stephen Curry, Davidson: One of the best shooters in the country is now a national name.
Charron Fisher, Niagara: Undersized at 6-3, but he is a terrific scorer and rebounder.
Chris Daniels, Texas A&M-Corpus Christi: Seven-footer is the best mid-major big man.
Giordan Watson, Central Michigan: Stat-sheet stuffer can do everything for the Chippewas.
Adrian Banks, Arkansas State: One of several stars in the Sun Belt, Banks can really shoot it.
Jonathan Rodriguez, Campbell: Had one of most productive freshman seasons in the country last year.
Kyle Hines, UNC-Greensboro: Honorable mention All-American might be the best in the Southern.
Arizona Reid, High Point: Undersized at 6-5, Reid is one of the most productive PFs in the country.
Carlos Monroe, Florida Atlantic: Without DeAndre Rice, will have to deal with more double-teams.
Jason Thompson, Rider: One of only three 20-10 guys last season, he’s set to become a big name.
Andrew Strait, Montana: Seemingly in college forever, Strait is back aiming to return to the Dance.
Gerald Brown, Loyola (Md.): One of the top scorers in the country.
Reggie Williams, VMI: Nation’s leading scorer, Williams is a very good all-around player.

Photo Credit: AP


  1. Mid Major and Lower Divisions??? Why must their be segregation among college basketball programs? Isn't enough we have ruin college football with this type of classifications amongst Div I programs?

  2. Since when is the WCC better than the Big West (Other than the Zags).

  3. I am a WCC fan and I dislike breaking it into Major and mid-major and now divisions in Mid Major???? Yikes!!!!
    I is bad enough that the NCAA fosters and more than supports the "Majors", Just wait and see when "Majors " start loosing scholorships after payers leave school to play in the pros and do not graduate. You will see the NCAA rules WILL change. If it were Mid-Majors that had the problem the NCAA would banish the school before they will change a rule, witch they already enforce differently for "Majors and Mid-Majors at this time.

  4. I hate any sort of separation between the mid-majors and whatever else; the only reason I had two different groups was so it was not one huge list of fourty-plus players.

    As a result, I drew the line between the WCC and the Sun Belt/Southern/Big West...that is where I have a separation in my conference rankings, so I carried that over until this.

    To be honest, it looks really awkward right now, I might change it to "Conferences No. 7-No.15" or whatever it really is.

    I apologize for the tags of the conference groupings.

  5. Old Dominion gaurds Brandon Johnson and/or Brian Henderson need to be on this list.

  6. Nobody from Old Dominion needs to be on that list. You shouldn't make that list averaging 8 ppg

  7. These are division one teams, not high, mid, low or anything else.

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