Monday, October 1, 2007

Position Rankings: Top Point Guards


Complete Rankings: PG SG SF PF C

1. Darren Collison, UCLA
2. Drew Neitzel, Michigan State
3. Sean Singletary, Virginia
4. D.J. Augustin, Texas
5. Tywon Lawson, North Carolina
6. Eric Maynor, Virginia Commonwealth
7. Jamont Gordon, Mississippi State
8. Tyrese Rice, Boston College
9. Dominic James, Marquette

10. Derrick Low, Washington State
11. Edgar Sosa, Louisville
12. Drew Lavender, Xavier
13. Jonathan Wallace, Georgetown
14. Jason Richards, Davidson
15. Stefon Hannah, Missouri
16. Daniel Ruffin, Bradley
17. Mike Green, Butler
18. Greg Paulus, Duke
19. Jeremy Pargo, Gonzaga
20. Greivis Vasquez, Maryland
21. Levance Fields, Pittsburgh
22. Eugene Harvey, Seton Hall
23. Ramel Bradley, Kentucky
24. Curtis Jerrells, Baylor
25. Giordan Watson, Central Michigan

Top Five Freshmen
1. Derrick Rose, Memphis
2. O.J. Mayo, USC
3. Jonny Flynn, Syracuse
4. Jerryd Bayless, Arizona
5. Corey Fisher, Villanova
Photo Credit: AP


  1. Mario Chalmers, Russel Robinson, and Sherron Collins are better than most players on this ridicoulous list.

  2. Mario Chalmers is a shooting guard, Sherron Collins won't start so I didn't include him, and Russell Robinson was one of the last players I left off.

    Who would you like me to take off for Robinson, by the way?

  3. You know how I feel about Gordon being ranked 7th, so we'll just leave it at that.

    Overall, good job with the rankings.

  4. James is too high. After last year I would think everyone would realize how overrated he is. I wouldn't mind seeing Wallace bumped up two spots, but no big deal.

  5. Brandon Ewing and Brad Jones are listed in others to watch as top back court but neither gets props in the guard categories.

    Ewing has been named to an all conference team both years.

    He was named to the 5 man all tournament team as a freshman.

    He is the first sophmore in school history to get to 1000 points

    He was named to USBWA and Coaches Association all region teams as a sophmore.

    By far the most under rated guard in the country.

  6. Why is Ramel Bradley on this list, but Sundiata Gaines isn't? Bradley scores a little more, but Gaines averages more assists, has a better assist to turnover ratio, averages more steals and more rebounds per game.

    Additionally, the coaches named Gaines 2nd team All-SEC last year and the AP named him honorable mention All-SEC. Bradley did not receive any honors.

    Has Bradley suddenly leaped over Gaines based on off-season workouts?

  7. Good to see that you have Dan Ruffin from Bradley on the list. He and Croach are a great back court combination

  8. I realize that Maynor of VCU is the "hot" mid-major PG - but take a look at what happened last season, on VCU's home floor, when Bradley and Daniel Ruffin came to town. It was obvious to anyone that watched that Ruffin was the better point.

  9. How is Rahmon FLetcher doing at UWGB?

  10. I know many have not heard of him but would Lanny Smith from Houston get honorable mention? He's finally healthy this year.

  11. drew lavender needs to move up a little maybe 2 spots greg paulus needs to fall maybe 3-4 spots and cutis jerells needs to move up to like 20 or 18.

  12. and maybe at the top i see drew neitzel and darren collison both being 1 and 2.

  13. Dont forget Austin Daye of Gonzaga on that all fresh list