Sunday, March 16, 2008

Bracket Performance

With the NCAA Tournament field finally selected, all the time myself and other bracketologists put towards projecting the Big Dance finally paid off and was put to the test. How did I do?

Teams Correct: 64 out of 65
Teams Seeded Exactly Right: 41 of 65
Teams On/Within One Seed Line: 59 of 65

I'll have performance analysis on some other notable bracketologists later tonight. But I'll let you know one thing: I did (a lot) better than Joe Lunardi...again.

1 comment:

  1. you did better than me, too, although you can read my caveat on my blog if you'd like. are there any stats on how lunardi did, or does espn keep those from us and make us calculate those on our own?

    i agree that oregon was a huge surprise. i think vandy is this year's virginia as far as how they were seeded versus their performance. and you have to say that VCU would have made the tourney had they not sh*t the bed against W&M in their conference tourney.